The Naga Kitchen, Bangalore (Per Person Rs – 500)


Sounds exotic, doesn’t it? From its humble beginnings as a small hangout place in Guwahati, Naga Kitchen grew to establish itself in its hometown before moving on to Bangalore. With the burst of exotic and new flavours at reasonable prices, Naga Kitchen is the place to satisfy your hunger for authentic Naga food. The speciality of this cuisine is that it is cooked with less oil and sometimes, no oil at all! So if you are looking for some superb food without gaining those extra calories then this restaurant is the place to be. Its super-casual ambience with the open-air setting, wooden flooring and bamboo-panelled interiors makes for a pleasant view while you wait for your food to arrive. Don’t get too excited when you sniff the various flavours, which will stir up your starving imagination! Must-have dishes include the ‘Smoked Pork Chilly’ which with its crispy, bold and smoky flavour easily melts your taste buds, while the ‘Smoked Fish with Bamboo Shoot’ will make you plunge into a sea of authentic spices and exotic raw flavours. You can also try out the non-vegetarian thali that comprises Naga curry, boiled vegetables, pork curry, mashed potatoes, dry fish chutney and smoked pork fry. The vegetarian thali is also quite impressive with the ‘Naga curry’ being the true winner. One can also pick up traditional pickles which are priced at Rs. 400 per bottle. So, if you are game for adventurous flavours to tickle your taste buds, then don’t miss this restaurant!

#26, AVS Arcade, Kamanahalli Main Road, Bangalore – TANAYA RAMYANI

Volume 1 Issue 9


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