The Hult Prize – A Step Toward Redesigning Fashion

Hult Prize

‘The Hult Prize’ is an annual social entrepreneurship competition that invites university students from around the country to develop innovative solutions, to address some of the most pressing global challenges, such as poverty, hunger, education, and healthcare.

 It was conducted successfully at the KIET Group Of Institutions campus on the 17th of February,2023.

This year’s competition was judged by a stalwart jury comprising Mr. Ankit Aggarwal, Founder and CEO of DoYourThing, and Ms. Shweta Raka, Founder, and Owner at HRC and IndusTreeBiz. 

The event was a super hit, thriving the campus with excitement and innovative ideas with a team, each with a unique and inspiring plan. Unquestionably, our judges’ jury had a challenging time finalizing the winner. 

The event began with welcoming the dignitaries and the judges, followed by the entire team moving to The Technology Business Incubator conference hall on the campus. The teams had a great experience pitching their extraordinary ideas to the judges. The participants were judged based on innovativeness, creativity, and reusability.

 The event concluded with the felicitation of the judges and awarding of the pertinent teams. Moreover, participation certificates were handed out to all the teams. Team Suraksha from the KIET Group of Institutions bagged the winning position and will proceed to future rounds with their innovative idea for the electric mask. Lastly, the judges gave an appreciation speech regarding the competition being well-formed and having a lot of innovative and green solutions to multiple problems.


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