The Aquarium Lounge, Delhi (Rs. 1500 per person)


Al4The Aquarium Lounge is a treat for water babies. With aquariums all around, this new entrant is unique in its decor as well as its food.
VIBE: Spread across three floors, the place is filled with aquariums and artifacts which go with the theme. The idea is to make you feel like you are sitting in a big aquarium.
MUSIC: From live gigs to karaoke nights, the music really gets its patrons in the mood.
BITES AND BOOZE: Their signature shots are served to guests in little buckets. There are a variety of cuisines to choose from right, from Indian to American, Lebanese, Italian, Thai and Mexican, if you wish to sample their food.
FAB OR DRAB: They take their aquarium theme quite seriously; apart from live aquariums all around there is also an aquarium dance floor. The food is tasty and the choice of drinks are endless. Definitely fab!
BEST NIGHTS: Wednesdays and Saturdays. M 79, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi
–Rashi Singh


Volume 4 Issue 2


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