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Youth Inc Sampled TGIF’S New Chef’s Winter Menu. Here’s Our Verdict

Jalapeno Cheese Spring Roll

Price: Rs. 180
Verdict: Very oily and sweet. The cottage cheese was overpowering, so the flavour of the jalapenos was lost. Being used to the Indian palette, we didn’t like it much.




Grilled Mushroom Pork Chop with Mushroom  Cream

Price: Rs. 799
Verdict: It’s not a printing error; this item is really priced at Rs. 799! Signature dish it may be, but it’s certainly not worth so much money.



Cream of Mushroom Soup and Three Cheese Sandwich

Price: Rs. 310
Verdict: The soup was creamy with the right amount of spices to enhance the taste of the mushrooms. The sandwiches by themselves were insipid but went down well with the soup.


Rosemary Cider Glazed Chicken

Price: Rs. 310
Verdict: Definitely a better choice than the pork chop. With chicken, bacon, rosemary and beans, it had more flavours to tingle and delight the taste buds.



Molten Chocolate Cake

Price: Rs. 170
Verdict: The real winner of the menu, the cake was moist, thick, creamy and satisfying. The chocolate was excellent, while the accompanying strawberry syrup was a nice touch.




Volume 2 Issue 10


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