Talk Your Thoughts Out Loud, They Matter

Image Credits: GUM

If only people would have just said this one sentence to their loved one, “What is bothering you? Talk it out”, there would have been lesser sad individuals around us. There are very few who understand the importance of talking and sharing thoughts. Due to this, most of us refrain from opening up. 

Talking, seems like such a simple word but can have a huge impact on our lives. Sometimes all we need to do is share and pour our heart out. Just doing this can prove to be a great reliever. There are hundreds of quotes flooding the internet that talk about self-sufficiency, self-fulfilment and becoming independent even if you feel yourself drowning in the ocean of darkness. Yet I believe that humans being social animals need each other. 

I often question myself, ‘ Is it so wrong to cry ?’ ‘Is it wrong to share what you feel or to express what you are going through?’ 

That suppressed emotion, those unspoken thoughts in your conscious, with which you are constantly trying to deal keeps you from being happy and joyful in life. The frustration of failing to resolve your own conflicts and, being unable to live upto the expectations of the society makes you forget about the treasure of strengths, joy and charm within you. All you start looking at is your inability to resolve your issues on your own.

I ask again, is it really so wrong to seek help ? Think again if at that time, instead of criticizing your every action, your every flaw, you just shared your feelings and thoughts with someone without any hesitation and the fear of getting judged or looked down upon, don’t you think you would have felt better or a bit calmer?

We all experience varied situations in our life, some are extraordinarily happy and cherishing while others are equally unhappy and depressed. If we don’t hesitate in flaunting our achievements and telling our stories of success, then why do we hesitate in sharing our grief and stories of failure?

Talking to someone about our thoughts also enables us to introspect and self analyze our thoughts in a better way, giving us more clarity about ourselves which surprisingly makes us solve our matters relatively faster and easier. It is rightly said that silence is deadly but one should not forget it is the deadliest for self. 

Chatting and expressing not only helps in our self growth but also aids in the better handling of relationships. When you express your thoughts on various things, the other person finds it easy to understand you. So, the next time you suffer, the next time you endure pain and sense that self critical thoughts are entering your yet peaceful mind make sure to talk about it. Just rush to your trusted friend, your parents or a friendly relative, your therapist or your even your diary and let it out completely unedited and unaltered.


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