Sympulse 2021 – The Annual International College Festival Of SCMS Concludes!

Sympulse 2021

Sympulse is a name almost all college students in India have heard of. It has witnessed many milestones in all of its years, and 27th February marked another one when the famed festival went online for the first time in its history. 

It was an encapsulating experience with a wide variety of competitions to challenge everyone attending. With events ranging from sports quizzes to murder mysteries and everything in between, Sympulse kept you on your feet from start to end. 

The events were fully packed with zeal and enthusiasm. The performances were so full of emotions, expressions and remarkable voice modulations.The business events brought out the inner managers in everyone and the headline events brought in large crowds for exciting games. The MUN resulted in heated debates between masters orators and the sports events brought out the inner fan of everyone. 

Sympulse is more than just your average college fest. Moving the events online felt less like a challenge and more like an evolution, another testament of how Sympulse will always capture the hearts of those attending. Sympulse has helped create more than just memories. Sympulse is Pune’s biggest college fest, and we hope to bring the same enthusiasm to our exciting twelfth edition and expand into new horizons.


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