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Students Speak about gender stereotyping

QUESTIONS on gender stereotyping

• Do you face issues due to gender stereotyping?
• What, according to you, is the reason behind gender stereotyping?
• What would you suggest we can do to change gender stereotyping?

Pearl Fernandes
Our Indian culture is the base root of gender stereotyping though it has been eradicated to some extent it is still present subconsciously.
Motivate people to break stereotypes and put forth their example for others to follow and understand the importance of gender equality.

Danielle Pereira on gender stereotyping
Danielle Pereira

Gender stereotyping is something almost everyone faces daily.
It probably comes from a place of insecurity that one faces about being either a man or a woman. It also occurs because of the kind of social environment that people live in and the kind of thinking the have developed over time.
It needs to be curbed/completely eradicated from an early age. Kids at home should be taught that both parents are capable of doing the same kind of work and make decisions on all sorts of things together.

Alston D'souza on gender stereotyping
Alston D’souza

Society focuses on the convenience of women because of which men are not given much importance and they are often spoken badly of because of few cases. For eg. Because of the amount of rape cases that are taking place all men are referred to as ‘dogs’ which is rude to be honest.
The government and the media need to portray men and women equally as both of them have equal rights and responsibilities. People listen and believe the media. If the media creates a good image for men then the people will automatically look up to them.

Mazahir Gadiwalla on gender stereotyping
Mazahir Gadiwalla

The reason goes way back in the past when sexism originated. It is also based on assumptions.
Men and women should be treated equally. You can’t hit a woman but that does not mean you can hit a guy. They should have an equal social status.

Brian Rodrigues on gender stereotyping
Brian Rodrigues

Of course, daily. Being a boy I’m expected to be brave in a fight/when anyone is in trouble, where as a girl is asked to leave the scene immediately. I’m sure women are expected to cook, clean and do whatever it is that society says because none of that is a “mans job”.
There are multiple reasons. It just boils down to the simple fact that people with little or absolutely no knowledge of an individual’s capability and constantly turn to their gender to find flaws in them have set these “stereotypes”.
Maybe if people start doing the opposite of what they’re currently doing under these stereotypes and mock society in return, it could be a wake up call for everyone.

Stefan Mateen on gender stereotyping
Stefan Mateen

Yes to be honest i have encountered gender strereotyping. The reason behind gender stereotyping differs from situation to situation. For eg. In an office men are given more preference and important jobs are handed over to them because its the mentality that women cannot carry out important tasks. Also, noticed it in daily life. Rickshaws won’t stop when we call but when a girl comes forward and if she’s wearing revealing clothes then even more. Men and women should be treated equally since there is equal contribution of both in todays society


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