How To Stay In Shape Without A Gym

Staying fit without gym

The health and wellness industry has recently given way to multiple sub-industries and trends. Despite the many restaurants that serve chia seed bowls, quinoa cupcakes and kale smoothies, many people find themselves struggling to keep fit, and in all honesty, no matter how delicious a bowl of kale chips may be, it will never replace fries.

The great thing about working out is that not only do you see results faster than dieting, but also working out increases energy levels, improves immunity, work efficiency and also tones muscle. If traditional ways of working out are not suitable to your lifestyle and schedule, try some alternative ways to stay fit. Being healthy is ultimately a combination of exercise, a good lifestyle and a balanced diet, but if you are consistent with an exercise regime, it will just mean not having to feel guilty if you eat something really unhealthy, because you can just burn it off when you work out.

Late working hours and expensive gym memberships often de-motivate people from working out, but you don’t always need a personal trainer and treadmill to stay in shape. There are many options to exercise and workout, outside of a gym. Here are some options that may work for you:

  1. Take a class

A quick Google search should list out available studios and trainers in your vicinity. From kickboxing to Pilates and even aerial yoga, there are so many interactive and engaging classes to sign up for that are often conducted in groups and are far more motivating than plugging in headphones and running on a treadmill alone. Group classes provide a chance to acquire a new skill while staying in shape, whether it’s a dance form or the ability to knock some punches.

  1. For the introverts

If you dislike the idea of having to interact with more people than you already have to, the age of the Internet is your golden era. Many YouTube channels such as Xhit Daily and fitnessblender offer work out videos with a variety of different exercises that target various problem areas, and usually do not require any equipment other than a yoga mat. Whether it’s your living room floor or your hostel bedroom, a little space and a steady Internet connection is all it takes to be fit.

Here are some exercises that need no equipment and can be done on a yoga mat

  • Plank

A great way to strengthen your core, planking helps maintain balance and works out the abdomen muscles.

  • Lunges

Extend one leg out and keep your back straight as you step forward maintain a 90-degree angle on each knee.

  • Scissor kicks

Another great way to work out the lower abdomen is to try some scissor kicks. Lying on your back, extend both legs to a 45-degree angle without bending your knees, alternatively moving one ankle over the other, with your toes extended out.

  • Mountain climbers

Assume a plank position and bring each knee to your chest alternately, this is a great way to activate the muscles in your abdomen as well as glutes and hamstrings.

  • Jump squat

A great way to intensify a squat is to jump as high as possible and lower into a squat as your feet touch the mat. Not only will you sweat more, it also strengthens the muscles in your calves and core.

  1. Water babies

It’s a shame that a city with a coastline as great as ours, our beaches and the sea are unusable. While swimming or attempting water sports on any beaches in Mumbai may be a health risk, the many health clubs and hotels dotted around the city usually have pools that can be a good option. Swimming is a great way to have a full-body workout and also cool-off from the city heat.

  1. Run run run

Even if you don’t live near a park or a jogging track, try going for an early morning run around your neighborhood, when the roads are empty. Not only is it really mentally-freeing, but a great way to start the day with some endorphins kicking in.

  1. 90’s kids

Most of 90’s nostalgia is making a comeback, so why should old school exercises be left behind? A decent playlist, a hoola hoop and a skipping rope is all the equipment you need to break into a sweat. Many professional trainers integrate jump ropes into their workout regimens and even with out a trainer these routines are easy to follow, find some inspiration here.


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