Star Struck – November 2012


Ajai Rai Madan
Astrolonger, Numerologer & Aura Reader

A popular Bollywood Vedic astrologer takes you through your starry forecast this month

Aquarius/Jan 21 – Feb 20
Focus on developing and implementing new projects. A major breakthrough may require you to change your plans or expectations for the future. You may act on new feelings, impulses or on a change of heart starting something new. Though things might not be exactly the way you want, you will be able to
enjoy stress-free relationships with people.
Lucky numbers: 4, 9
Lucky colour: Rust
Lucky love dates: 18, 30

Pisces/Feb 19 – Mar 20
New challenges at work will inspire you to streamline old projects. You can enhance your powers by simply living each moment. When matters turn sensitive, try to settle differences with huge doses of compromise. Consult trusted friends about personal changes. This will enable you to concentrate
more on the bright side of things.
Lucky numbers: 5, 7
Lucky colour: White
Lucky love dates: 1, 13

Aries/Mar 21 – Apr 20
There is likely to be an opportunity to work in a dynamic and challenging environment. Be assertive but don’t get into power plays with colleagues as it will detract you from immediate tasks. Simmering disagreements could cause unpleasantness if you don’t accommodate. Be aware of changing
developments all around you.
Lucky numbers: 1, 7
Lucky colour: Blue
Lucky love dates: 10, 26

Taurus/Apr 21 – May 21
You will be drawn to projects that allow you to have control of the creative process. Patience and flexibility will help you deal with obstacles. There may be auspicious news relating to a family member or a close friend. Social engagements will give you good opportunities to network and hard work will
help you drive home the advantage.
Lucky numbers: 3, 8
Lucky color: Yellow
Lucky love dates: 17, 22

Gemini/May 22 – Jun 21
Innovative ideas will come to you easily but don’t fail to work on the finer details. Crucial business meetings will also be productive if you can manage to create a favourable situation. Infusing different activities will help in getting your romantic relationship out of a rut. If you have questions and doubts
about a situation go for a clarification.
Lucky numbers: 5, 9
Lucky colour: Orange
Lucky love dates: 19, 21

Cancer/Jun 22 – Jul 22
Objective family discussions will be fruitful and help you decide the way forward. Social engagements will result in new friendships. A positive attitude will ensure success even if the results take some time. Give yourself time and make no decisions in haste. You are also likely to gain a lot by listening to suggestions
of close associates and well wishers.
Lucky numbers: 2, 6
Lucky colour: Red
Lucky love dates: 11, 27

Leo/Jul 23 – Aug 23
Focus your energies on strengthening your current projects. It is likely that you will have the authority to form partnerships which will help you enhance your career graph. Make an attempt to reach out and bring up issues that are affecting a close relationship. Be cautious because some of your associates may not have
your best interests at heart.
Lucky numbers: 3, 9
Lucky colour: Green
Lucky love dates: 18, 20

Virgo/Aug 24 – SEP 22
You are likely to experience a major transformation in your emotional life. It
could be unsettling and cause you to feel out of your depth, but by the end of it you will be able to overcome this feeling. A chance encounter could make you nostalgic about the past and contemplative about some of your relationships.
Lucky numbers: 4, 7
Lucky colour: Indigo
Lucky love dates: 12, 24

Libra/ Sep23 – Oct 23
You are likely to be in a competitive mood and will excel in all your tasks. A determination to make the most of opportunities will work in your favour.
Get all your fundamentals in place for new opportunities in business ventures. Longterm planning will be be productive as it will help you to strengthen weak links.
Lucky numbers: 2, 8
Lucky colour: Ivory
Lucky love dates: 16, 23

Scorpio/Oct 24 – Nov 22
The pressures of work and domestic obligations could be taking a toll and you may feel the need to spend time doing things that bring personal happiness and satisfaction. Teamwork and sharing will prompt colleagues to put in their best, as a result of which you will be in position to undoubtedly enjoy the fruits of your labour.
Lucky numbers: 5, 9
Lucky colour: Magenta
Lucky love dates: 15, 25

Sagittarius/Nov 23 – Dec 23
New work assignments could well turn out to be more complicated. You should
consider taking a second opinion before you take action. You can exercise your creative side and share your wisdom with others, enriching yourself in the process. Recognize that it may not be possible to convince everyone to see things your way.
Lucky numbers: 3, 6
Lucky colour: Purple
Lucky love dates: 13, 28

Capricorn/Dec 24 – JAN 20
An attitudinal shift will empower you to see things in a whole new light. Be willing to let others chip in with their suggestions and take the lead in creating new avenues. Don’t make commitments if you are not in the best position to honour them. Being honest is the best way forward in the long run as it ensures
that everyone concerned work unselfishly.
Lucky numbers: 2, 5
Lucky colour: Pink
Lucky love dates: 14, 29


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