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Aquarius/Jan 21 – Feb 20
Your focus on one situation can lead to a loss of objectivity. Take some time off and talk to close associates to regain clarity and focus. Family discussions could help you make a start at resolving certain issues that have been bothering you. You can enhance your financial security by discarding strategies that don’t really fit into the current scenario.
Lucky Numbers: 1, 9
Lucky Colour: Grey
Love Dates: 15th, 26th

Pisces/Feb 19- Mar 20
You are likely to be in an optimistic mood, which will create the temptation to splurge. Don’t give in to persuasion while making expensive purchases or investment decisions. Be discreet when expressing your emotions to prevent others from misunderstanding your motives. Financial decisions may need to be taken with utmost care.
Lucky Numbers: 2, 4
Lucky Colour: Brown
Love Dates: 19th, 23rd

Aries/Mar 21 – Apr 20
New commitments will have a longterm impact, so carefully consider your alternatives before proceeding. Rely on a professional’s opinion for making financial decisions. Romantic relationships may need to be re-defined. Discussing the situation with your loved ones could help you gain greater clarity.
Lucky Numbers: 1, 6
Lucky Colour: Red
Love Dates: 10th, 21st

Taurus/Apr 21 – MAY 21
You will be drawn towards projects that allow you to express your creativity. There may be elevation in position and you can expect good news work-wise. You might expand your horizons by learning a new skill or taking up a new hobby. Do set aside some time to deal with family problems, as you will be successful in resolving them.
Lucky Numbers: 2, 8
Lucky Colour: Black
Love Dates: 15th, 23rd

Gemini/May22 – Jun 21
Work pressures could increase but you will not be distracted from important tasks. Those desirous of higher education could hear of some positive news. You may be concerned about a close relationship but don’t rush to clear things; that might complicate matters. Singles might meet someone special.
Lucky Numbers: 3, 7
Lucky Colour: Violet
Love Dates: 17th, 26th

Cancer/Jun 22 – Jul 22
There will be opportunities to work in a dynamic and challenging environment. Your insights will be appreciated by colleagues but maintain a low profile as your enthusiasm could be misinterpreted. You are likely to develop new strategies for getting ahead on the career front. A new enterprise or business plan will be successful.
Lucky nos: 4, 9
Lucky color: Green
Love Dates: 19th, 28th

Leo/ Jul 23 – Aug 23
A turnaround of events may appear to slow down your forward progress. Stay flexible in the face of such events and remain focused. Willingness to share credit will ensure that colleagues pitch in with their best ideas. There will be opportunities to apply your creativity that will turn unreachable fantasies into possibilities.
Lucky Numbers: 5, 8
Lucky Colour: Blue
Love Dates: 12th, 22nd

Virgo/Aug 24 – Sep 22
Your positive energy will get things moving for you in the right direction. Intellectualism, along with the exchange of right ideas will have a special significance for you. You will also seize opportunities for meeting new people and reinforcing close bonds. It is time to finally let your cherished dreams see the light of day.
Lucky Numbers: 6, 7
Lucky Colour: Saffron
Love Dates: 14th, 27th

Libra/ Sep23 – Oct 23
It is time for you to move in for the kill with tact; asserting your cherished views and backing them up with relevant information. Opportunities will arise from making firm commitments and integrating your goals into your daily routine. Having too many expectations might lead to disappointments. Try to be cautious and avoid complications.
Lucky Numbers: 7, 9
Lucky Colour: White
Love Dates: 11th, 29th

Scorpio/Oct 24 – Nov 22
You are likely to be in an optimistic frame of mind and will find it easy to express your views. Promotions could come through in the near future. The timing is just right for you to embark on a new project. Spending time with family will be high on your agenda and stressful relationships will take a turn for the better.
Lucky Numbers: 2, 5
Lucky Colour: Yellow
Love Dates: 16th, 30th

Sagittarius/Nov 23 – Dec 23
Work will be hectic and you may have to put in extra efforts to meet deadlines. There may be sudden positive changes in your life and you will make connections with people of great status and influence. It is a good time to express your thoughts strongly as your cautious approach could be misconstrued by those who matter.
Lucky Numbers: 3, 6
Lucky Colour: Violet
Love Dates: 18th, 31st

Capricorn/Dec 24 – Jan 20
You will need to be calm in the face of certain trying situations. Some of your new work methods may well be unorthodox but they won’t be risky. Hard workers will draw huge praise for their efforts and the results will be motivating. Romantic relationships will be quite stimulating and you may want to spend some quiet time alone with your partner.
Lucky Numbers: 4, 7
Lucky Colour: Ivory
Love Dates: 20th, 24th

Volume 2 Issue 1


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