Star Struck – February 2013


A popular Bollywood Vedic astrologer takes you through your starry forecast this month

Ajai Rai Madan – Astrologer, Numerologer & Aura reader

Aquarius/  Jan 21 – Feb 20
Meeting different people will make you realise how your personality can emerge. You could be persuasive with others. Don’t be too critical with those moving at a slower pace. New commitments and associations will beckon and it may be time to put the past behind and embrace the future. Ready initiative will be a tremendous aid to most problem solving.
Lucky numbers: 5 , 7
Lucky colour: White
Lucky love dates: 15, 27

Pisces/ Feb 19 – Mar 20
You will feel safe and secure in your established relationships. You will have lots to thank for career and recognition. Don’t stoop to deal with complicated atters Have patience and you will illuminate the way to success. Resist temptation by taking things slowly and getting to understand them on a spiritual level before committing.
Lucky numbers: 3, 8
Lucky colour: Magenta
Lucky love dates: 12, 22

Aries/ Mar 21 – Apr 20
Power, rank and position will come to you. Listen to your intuition and be more flexible in making decisions. Give space and a free hand to subordinates to achieve targets. There will be peace and happiness at home. Friends and relatives will be helpful in times of need. This is the right time to pursue your interest in professional training programmes.
Lucky numbers: 1, 6
Lucky colour: Blue
Lucky love dates: 10, 26

Taurus/ Apr 21 – May 21
You possess a lot of energy and steam, but there isn’t opportunity to utilise it. Guard against inactivity. Free time can be used constructively for personal growth. Contact with influential people will help you to get ahead. Align your thoughts with those who matter. Changes in the professional environment may demand innovation.
Lucky numbers: 4, 8
Lucky colour: Red
Lucky love dates: 16, 24

Gemini/ May 22 – Jun 21
Emotional and social quotients will soar and the opposite sex will be bowled over by you. Take the initiative on key projects on personal and career fronts. Make the best of opportunities that come your way as some things may become apparent. New ventures in foreign lands may be interesting, and some luck and hard work could ensure success.
Lucky numbers: 2, 9
Lucky colour: Yellow
Lucky love dates: 19, 22

Cancer/ Jun 22 – Jul 22
Take pride in your achievements but do not be obliged to others. Taking people’s ideas and opinions would not necessarily make you obliged. In fact, you could enlarge your horizons. Avoid taking people for granted as they may change. Timing is very important without which plans fail, so store pent up energy to make the best use of it.
Lucky numbers: 3, 7
Lucky colour: Indigo
Lucky love dates: 11, 23

Leo/ Jul 23 – Aug 23
Stay focused on important needs and your progress will be enormous. Associates may respond to reason than to emotional appeals. Don’t rub your associates the wrong way as they could be responsible for bringing you unexpected gains. Stay as practical as possible and keep your word and integrity at all costs. Take charge and don’t digress from your path.
Lucky numbers: 5, 8
Lucky colour: Green
Lucky love dates: 14, 25

Virgo/ Aug 24 – Sep 22
You may be subjected to a state of affairs that do not turn out as you envisaged. Sit back and bide your time or divert your attention. Make effort to create a harmonious environment. Do not let out confidential information. You will take initiative but don’t move on too quickly. Share what is on your mind and it
will be easy to make decisions.
Lucky numbers: 4, 7
Lucky colour: Violet
Lucky love dates: 12 , 27

Libra/ Sep23 – Oct 23
You may notice a positive and upward graph at home and it will truly be where your heart is. Be politically correct as others could misunderstand and perhaps get touchy. Be careful of reckless energy. Be vigilant enough to play your cards safely and you will pass muster. Get proper rest after a hard day’s work to be fit for the gruelling times ahead.
Lucky numbers: 2, 6
Lucky colour: Orange
Lucky love dates: 13, 28

Scorpio/ Oct 24 – Nov 22
Life can be generous at times, so be optimistic and put your best foot forward. You might even overreach your target. Be large hearted and record your insights for future use. Career opportunities will beckon but address some past issues to make progress. Look for durable gains rather than small trifles.
Lucky numbers: 1, 9
Lucky colour: Black
Lucky love dates: 15, 20

Sagittarius/Nov 23 – Dec 23
You may brim with energy, passion and drive, but direct it well. With your creative skills and intuitive powers, there is hardly anything you can’t achieve if you set your mind and focus. On the personal front, you can look forward to a better relationship, as both of you will understand the importance of giving each other space.
Lucky numbers: 3, 6
Lucky colour: Pink
Lucky love dates: 17, 21

Capricon/Dec 24 – Jan 20
Concentrate on your work as there are issues that need attention. Some spadework will be done to find the best approach to projects. Financial matters may spiral out of control. Forgive people who have disappointed you in the past. Start afresh as a reality check will bring you back to the present. Avoid revealing
important plans before implementing them.
Lucky numbers: 4, 9
Lucky colour: Copper
Lucky love dates: 18, 23


Volume 2 Issue 8


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