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Shane Filan was the lead singer of the world famous boy band Westlife for 14 years. He has now embarked on a solo career and will release his first solo album ‘You & Me’ in November




Your career with Westlife in three words
Hard to believe

Your first single ‘Everything to me’ is about?
My wife, my kids and being positive in life. It is about everything that is important to me.

The theme of your album ‘You & Me’ is
The most important thing in my life is my wife and my kids and next is being healthy and happy. I wrote most of my songs about that.

A solo career or a band?
I loved being in a band because we had fun together. But I love doing solo now because it’s new and it’s fresh.

Your musical calling as a solo artist?
I love country and pop music, and I’m inbuilt with folk music because I’m Irish. So these are the genres I’m exploring.

A singer you admire
Bryan Adams, Gareth Brooks, Shania Twain

What do you love the most and the least about India?
I love that everyone is so amazing to me. The welcome I got was incredible. It’s an experience I won’t forget.
What I don’t like is the traffic and honking all the time.

Plans on performing in India?
Yeah, I am in the process of planning a few concerts in India by end January or early February 2014.

Chances that you will be heard on a Bollywood soundtrack
There are plans in motion for me to do a duet with an Indian female singer. Apart from that, I would love to sing in Bollywood because it is a massive part of Indian culture.

Craziest fan experience
Once, a girl pretended to faint while we were performing, then climbed onto the stage and jumped on Mark’s back. Five security guards had to pull her off. At the same concert, a cameraman who was filming the show put his camera away just to shake hands with Brian when he was singing into the camera.

Favourite boy band apart from Westlife
Backstreet Boys

Your opinion on Miley Cyrus
I think she’s young and having fun. She’s breaking out, she’s growing up. If it was my daughter, I wouldn’t like it but she isn’t so it’s up to her what she does.

Closest friend from Westlife
I was closest to Kian because we grew up together and he is my wife’s cousin, Mark was probably the most fun to grab a drink with and Nicky and I bonded over similar morals.


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