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It’s time for boy collars to meet girly frills and for fashion to meet compassion! Celebrity hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani and designer Sukriti Grover recently merged their genius to bring to India one of its first androgynous clothing label, SoFake. The brand aims to bridge the gap between male and female clothing to create a monochrome black and white (and sometimes grey) collection. The clothes have clean lines and structured shapes adding to the drama of the stark yet evocative pieces. The buzz generated by SoFake is a clear sign that Indian fashion is finally ready for sexual and gender crossovers. Women have  been pulling from men’s fashion for a while now, but SoFake promises to let men enjoy this privilege for the first time.

Why SoFake? What is the inspiration behind the brand?
The name ‘SoFake’ is derived from my surroundings where everything I see is artificial and it’s rare to find genuine people.

From pro hairstylist to fashion designer. We know specialisation is for insects, but you’ve really got your fingers in everything. How do you juggle all of this?
Hair, makeup and fashion all go hand-in-hand; they are incomplete without each other. I have a lovely partner Sukriti to help with our line. Sukriti has been my client for a long time and I’ve always admired her style. Unlike me, she is trained in design and has all the armour and skill necessary to plough through this. We work on ideas together and she executes. It’s a beautiful relationship!

What, to you, is the look of the brand?
The look stems from all things unisex. I love wearing boy’s clothes and love boys who wear women’s clothes. Hence, I decided to make couple shopping easy and buy one set for both. The look is strong, classic, comfy and independent.

Does SoFake also relate to your love for animals?
Yes, SoFake will definitely keep my love for animals in mind. We will not work with fur or leather or anything that is taken from animals.

We hear you’re not big on trends. Tell us more about that.
Trends are for people with no vision or definition of who they are. They need the help of others to blossom. And that’s okay. But trend breakers are so much cooler!

What radical ideas do you have for the future of fashion? Do you see Indian fashion morphing into something big? Are we already there? What’s your take?
To be honest, I have no clue  about the industry. Hair or fashion, my motto is always to follow my gut and be true to myself. The rest DOES NOT MATTER! I believe that fame and money are not the right reasons to get into anything.

What are you plans for the brand?
The plans for the brand are to stay true to the vision. Simple.

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