Up Your Academic Progress, Take The Olympiad Tests

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The Science Olympiad Foundation or SOF has announced the exam date for 2022-23. The exams will commence on September 15, 2022, and will be conducted offline. The students who wish to appear for these exams can apply either through their schools/colleges or individually under their parents’ guidance. 

SOF, a non-profit organization conducted these olympiads annually for students of classes 1-12. The organization works to promote scientific learning and skills among students. SOF organizes a number of Olympiads each year which include: 

  1. SOF International General Knowledge Olympiad, 
  2. SOF International English Olympiad, 
  3. SOF National Science Olympiad, 
  4. SOF International Mathematics Olympiad, 
  5. SOF National Cyber Olympiad, 
  6. SOF International Social Studies Olympiad 
  7. SOF International Commerce Olympiad.

These olympiads help students learn various key concepts, expand their knowledge, and sharpen their skills in subjects like mathematics, science, computer technology and the English language. Olympiads also help students realize their potential, and weaknesses and provide room for improvement. The benefits of taking an olympiad test are, however, not just restricted to improving basic scholastic knowledge. 

Such organizations also collaborate with professional bodies to aid students in grasping not just bookish but industry knowledge as well. The SOF, for the benefit of the student, has collaborated with ‘Myclassroom’. It’s an ed-tech platform that offers foundation programs in Science and Math for students of the middle and senior school level. This aids the applicant students in securing admission to academic institutions of their choice. It also prepares them for competitive exams like JEE, NEET, CUET and CAT.

The organisation has also collaborated with The Institute of Company Secretaries India (ICSI) to conduct the International Commerce Olympiad. ICSI works under the umbrella of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. It is a recognised body in India that was entrusted with developing and regulating the profession of Company Secretaries in India. 

Olympiads are not just any other examinations. Since they are conducted at a national as well as international level, they provide students with much-needed exposure. This exposure can help students secure admission to their choice of institutions nationally and internationally. Taking the olympiad tests will also help students sharpen their logical reasoning, critical thinking and learning process. 

An olympiad test doesn’t require students to study from any additional textbooks or join any coaching classes. The syllabus taught in schools/college is enough to score well on these tests. Students are only required to be clear with their basics and concepts. 

There are many other organizations apart from SOF, like the Indian Talent Olympiad and Eduheal Foundation, that conduct olympiad from time to time. Students can and must apply for these olympiads for better academic results and progress. 


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