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College of Commerce and Economics has come up with a new tangent to scout for talent on campus. The principal of the college has come up with ‘Aiyo it’s Saturday.’ On every Saturday, students allow their bags to rest at home and bring their talents to college.
Aiyo, its Saturday is a day devoted to extracurricular activities happening on campus every week so that students can get back to the right side of their brains and not forget that there is a life apart from scoring high marks and thinking of job prospects. The college is providing a platform for students to unleash their creativity, pursue their hobbies and passions, and also perform for their friends. According to principal Dr Minu Thomas, this is the year of upscaling competences. “I want my students to come to college on this day, learn a lot and enjoy even more. I want to give my children a platform to showcase their talent. The idea of this day had been on my mind for a while. SIES College had a tradition where students and teachers performed with each other, organised classical music programmes and other dance performances and acts. We also encouraged sports and other extra-curricular activities, but all this had lost its focus in the due course of time. This is my second year as principal in the college and I really want to implement this change.” The students’ committee council of the college will plan the Saturday events and Dr Thomas has promised to give credit to the organisational committee members of Fantasies 2010, the annual SIES festival.
To much surprise, the college also has an annual rock band concert – Thunderstruck, as part of Fantasies. It has been organised for the past four years. An event which mainly has college bands performing, mostly playing rock metal, it has also witnessed known bands like One Night Stand and Th e Works perform. Summing up, it’s a college which has tried to preserve the Indian culture while entwining modern themes. Along with mandatory attendance, students enjoy the liberties they have. It is a very open way of welcoming students and befriending them!

In Addition

Sharing the super yummy Chinese food is the best way to make friends at the college canteen. Surprisingly, SIES College has served more Chinese than South Indian food, despite its lineage. In addition, the second most relished dish at the canteen is the hot dal khichdi, served with spicy pickle and sinfully delicious fried papad! The Nescafe stall is the place to chill with cool iced teas and super hot bowls of Maggi or yummy pasta and the best place to sort out your project work. The other hangout spot in the college is ‘CC’. It is the Creative Corner where students play, practise and have group meetings.

Location: Sion
History: Established in 1989 by
the South Indian Education Society
Junior college: Commerce
Degree college: BCom, BMS, BAF,
BBI, BFM and BSc – IT
Postgraduation courses: MCom
(Accountancy), MCom (Banking
and Finance) MSc – IT

Volume 1 Issue 1


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