Shoe for your sole Art


Transform your plain ol’ canvas shoes into works of art with these DIY projects. Warning: the results of this project might result in random requests from people to walk in your shoes

Shimmer-n-Shine Shoes

Glue and glitter is a ll you need to make your sneakers reflect the par ty animal in you. Coat your sneakers with glue and sprinkle glitter even ly around the shoe. Make sure you remove the laces and cover the rubber lining and the toe area before you begin. You can also choose to embel lish the toe area with studded embellishments.





Art to Art Shoes

If you are an artist, or aspire to be one, why not wear your art on your shoes? Use a pencil to sketch your design and then use acrylic paints to add some colour to your design. From intricate designs to simple patterns, you can choose your design to match your persona lity.





Spill-n-Splatter Shoes

For those with a preference for ‘modern art’ (or a lack of artistic sk ill), try this: take some acrylic paint bottles (different colours), dip your paint brush in and splatter away. A word of caution: make sure the insides of you shoes and the surrounding area are protected with newspapers to prevent unwanted ‘art attack’.


Lose the laces

If art seems too messy, you can add colour, personality and spunk to your shoes by cha ng ing the laces. To do this, all you need is an old dress or t-shirt with an interesting pattern. Cut the fabric to match the length of your shoelaces and hem the edges to avoid fraying.


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