Shisha Reincarnated, Kolkata



Shisha is one of those nightclubs that are found in every city. The well-spaced club offers thumping pop music and Bollywood remixes for teeny boppers and veterans alike. The bouncers arbitrarily turn people away during busy times, stags often have to pay higher entry and the drinks are prohibitively expensive (Rs. 700 for a vodka and mixer). Nonetheless, the crowd keeps pulling in, thanks to the great sound system and dance floor. One of the best features of the place is the hookah, which you can enjoy in the plush smoking room, as long as it’s not crowded. The quiet outdoor lounge-terrace has plenty of comfortable seats where you can rest your tired feet; unfortunately, there is no service upstairs. All in all, Shisha Reincarnated could do with another avatar to upgrade its image.

Volume 1 Issue 6


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