Self – Defence Essemtials


Learning the art of self-defence is imperative in today’s world. Dr Komal VS, Director of Academy of Combat Fitness, demonstrates how some lethal moves can help you escape from any attacker

1. Front Snap Kick

Lift your leg with your knee bent. Then straighten your leg and kick the attacker with the ball of your foot (like a football) in the groin. Pull your leg back




2. JKD Lead Jab

Make sure your fist is in the vertical position. Then, hit the attacker with the last 3 knuckles (and an additional 2 finger space next to it. Just using your knuckles will injure you).
Hit the chin of the attacker to jolt it upwards. Your shoulder should move forward during the attack.


3. Lead Elbow to the Face

Hit the attacker with your elbow and the hard, pointed portion of your forearm. You can hit the attacker on any point of his face repeatedly in sets of two for maximum damage.
The elbow is a strong weapon and is capable of splitting the person’s skin.


4. Knee Attack

Hold the attacker by the collar and hand so that he doesn’t move out of range.
Bend you leg and kick the attacker in the groin with your knee in a forward and upward motion. Pull back after the attack; hit in sets of two for maximum damage.





5. Eye Jab Biljee

This is a dangerous technique. It involves an open handed strike with your fingers stiff and approximated together.
Pierce the attacker’s eyes repeatedly to gouge the eye out.



6. Wrist Lock

Break the attacker’s wrist joint by bending it forward and twisting it to the outside.
Throw your attacker on the ground by putting your knee behind his. Sweep his leg and push his nose in two different directions at a 45 degree angle. He will fall back on his head or will break his fall by landing on his wrist/elbow; both will result in injury.


Volume 2 Issue 9


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