Searching For The Happy High?


In a world filled with death, disease and despair, ‘Happiness’ couldn’t be under more pressure if it tried. Everyone is searching for life purposes and the meanings of their existence. Why is it so hard for us to simply take in everything we have and perhaps learn to appreciate it? Why the perpetual need for validation and hence equating it to ultimate happiness?

Happiness is not a condition, it’s a state of mind. It’s how we decide to live even in the busiest days. No doubt it is important to set goals in life, but achieving them is not the only reason to be happy. It’s necessary we find happiness in everything we do because in these days of complete hustle bustle we find very less time to live. If we learn to enjoy everything we do we wouldn’t have to go out of our way to find happiness and will definitely make life much better.
We set out to work on a simple experiment: to meet people and question them about their notions and ideals of happiness and whether they’ve acquired the standard or are consciously working towards the same.

One can really take a be thoroughly inspired by how the littlest things are of the greatest value in our lives. Don’t ruin your today in the haste for tomorrow. Take a step back, realise the importance of the moment you are living and be thankful for it. Pledge today to be happy every day. It’s only the easiest way to having a long and a splendid life.

Prachi Dhedia

Are you happy ?
Yes, I am happy. I’m enjoying my long vacation after three hectic years of college.

What will make you completely happy ?
My aim is to get into an Ivy League College. So yeah, that’ll be another level of happiness for me.

Are you happy?
Yes, my school and my friends make me happy.

What will make you completely happy?
When I’ll be an artist someday.

Are you happy?
Yes I am happy, very happy! Not that everything is perfect in my life but I have realized and learnt that happy life means looking beyond my imperfect life.

What will make you completely happy?
Accepting and loving every bit of my present life positively brings inner joy in me and not so perfect bit of life only strengthens me to overcome my unhappiness. Life may not be easy but loving my life in any form only reflects happiness. Learnt it the hard way, but finally did achieve it.

Dj Willis

Are you happy?
Currently, yes.

What makes you unbelievably happy?
I am at my happiest playing and making foot tapping music!

Are you happy?
Of course I am happy!

When would you say are you your happiest?
I am at my happiest when I get to sing my heart out, especially my favourite song on a karaoke set!

Are you happy?
Yes , I’m enjoying my college to the fullest by heading my college festivals. Like just what I wanted right now.

What will make you the happiest ever?
To pass with good grades in my final semester and be placed in some good company.


Are you happy?
I am extremely happy!

What is it that makes you so very happy?
It’s been two weeks since my daughter gave me the fortune of being reborn as a mother. Now I know what unconditional love is. What it is seeing someone who was a part of you from the past nine months, now in your arms staring in your eyes. And suddenly smaller problems don’t  matter. I feel complete.

Are you happy?
Yes, I am happy for the small things, but not yet content.

What is it that makes you happy?
Being able to achieve my everyday goal is what keeps me happy. However small it is, if I am able to sit at night and think that i did something worthwhile or useful today; that feeling of being responsible; learning that big things don’t happen overnight and that I am able to complete the smaller tasks to achieve what I want without slacking off every day; doing something I’ve not done before as frequently as I can; being fit enough to climb that one rock faster than or at least as easily as others; all this makes me incredibly happy. I’ll be the happiest though, when I set out to travel the world and when I am at the peak of at least one field of my interest. Also when I buy a house in the town side for my mother. That’s when I’d be the happiest.


Volume 5 Issue 1


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