Why be nice, when you can be anonymous?


Sayat.me- the ultimate source of fresh, genuine and personal feedback

Let’s all just face it, we all wish to say something (read: cheesy, sweet, heartfelt, mean to downright bitchy) to someone but are worried about our reputation and identity. Well, you need not worry anymore, Sayat.me an App provides just the platform we are looking for. It gives you a chance to give feedback anonymously to any of its users without revealing your identity. It also works well if you wish to have feedback from your friends and family about yourself. One can create an account and share the link to their profile with friends using other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. The users who receive the feedback have an option to keep them private or public. They can even reply to the feedbacks. Sayat.me is becoming increasingly popular with the youngsters as they all wish to know what is being thought and said about them.

The reason it has become so popular is because of a simple human psychology. People are always keen to know what people think about them. This explains the immense popularity of this app amongst teenagers. We can use it as a positive tool to make changes in our behaviour, patterns, habits etc.

Another application which went on rounds before Sayat.me was Ask.fm. Ask.fm followed a similar concept of anonymity but it was based on a question answer format. The users there too could choose to be anonymous or they could reveal their identities if they wished. Although such applications are helpful to build connections, they are far from safe.

Within just one month of its instant rapport with teens, Sayat.me has been a rising platform for cyberbullying and online harassment. Such online hate comments can adversely affect the life of the reader. Another major disadvantage is that the feedbacks may not always be well received. There is always a risk of negative reaction, which in turn increases the risk of self-loathing and in worse cases, depression. To curb this problem, safety centres must be introduced within the apps of these social media networks.

It is necessary to know that one can always block a certain user from such sites in case of bullying and online harassment.

Thus, although the increasing trend of receiving feedbacks anonymously has hit it off with the contemporary youth, it does have certain demerits.  With no signs of looking back, one thing which we have got clear is that the need to create social circles is on its peak.


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