Salt Water Cafe, Mumbai – Rs. 1000 per person


Salt Water Cafe is a chic restaurant that blends deli food with a gourmet treatment in the hope of bringing about an exquisite quality that can’t be found elsewhere.
CUISINE: Fares from Spanish, Italian, French and more cuisines are blended for an overall European affair.
FOOD AND DRINKS: The food is rich and full of flavour. Most of the ingredients are imported from European countries. If you prefer finger foods, try one of the cold plates or a burger. A sandwich would also be perfect, especially the smoked salmon in a bagel. For the long haul meal, try the mushroom soup followed by the shiitake pasta or the 8-hour braised lamb shanks.
OVERALL IMPRESSION: The décor is mostly wooden with an overall brown and beige look. The music isn’t too loud so it does not interfere with conversations. The food quality is good but terribly overpriced.
87 Chapel Road, Rose Minar Annexe, Next to Mount Carmel Church, Bandra West, Mumbai
– Aakash Mehta


Volume 3 Issue 4


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