Monkey Bar, Bangalore – Rs. 700 per person


Monkey Bar is a place where you could either indulge in socialising, because you always meet interesting people, or lounge around with a group of friends.
VIBE: The seating area is spacious with large tables and comfortable booths. You may also hang out at the bar or take up a small personal table. A staircase down leads to foosball and pool tables and more seating. It has an absolute fun atmosphere all around.
MUSIC: The DJ console is situated above the bar. Classic rock is the staple but the choice of music changes to suit the crowd whenever required.
BITES ‘N’ BOOZE: The food is a conglomeration of a variety of cuisines but mostly consists of bar food which is easy to eat while drinking. The best part about this gastropub is the booze which is extremely creative. The cocktails are the best parts especially since they serve beer cocktails in mini jugs.
FAB OR DRAB: Monkey Bar is an excellent eatery for young people. It isn’t the most expensive of restaurants but would require a fair share of money.
BEST NIGHT: Friday night to bring in the weekend amid a good atmosphere. Patrons below 18 years of age may be denied entry after 6 pm. 14/1 Krishna Manere, Wood Street, Richmond Road, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore
– Aishwarya Mahurkar


Volume 3 Issue 4


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