Rising Star – Jose Neil Gomes


Jose Neil Gomes has played with Grammy winners A.R . Rahman, Imogen Heap, Seun Kuty, and Juno Reactor; is a part of critically acclaimed Sufi artist – Kailash Kher’s band, Kailasa ; has toured the world playing music and in his free time managed to learn 23 different musical instruments!

Three musicians that inspire you
Michael Jackson, Trilok Gurtu, and Avishai Cohen

Most memorable gig
With Kailasa in Karachi, in early 2012. Mad energies.

Worst audience experience
The ‘nouveau riche’ Indian audiences that lack culture, class, and basic respect for the ‘other’, let alone artistes.

Being a musician in India
Financially stressful if you’re doing the independent scene and artistically stagnant if you’re doing the commercial scenes.

The funniest experience that happened on tour
Too many to pen down. Getting lost in New York with no phone, and then finding the hotel on my own was one of the best.

The best venue you played at
Undoubtedly Royal Albert Hall, London, followed by Nokia Theater, LA.

An Indian musician you would like to jam with
Only worked with him once, but never jammed. Ranjit Barot.

Two instruments you always carry along
Violin and acoustic guitar

Your happy song
Every new song that I make!

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?
Loads. To start, Istanbul, Cuba, Tel Aviv; it goes on…

Your musical influences
Every sound I’ve ever heard since childhood, including the crazy truck horns on highways.

Most under rated musician
Harmeet Mansata (popularly known as Max) and lots of other crazy musicians I don’t know of as yet.

Next show you are playing at
Now that depends on where you are located, and how far you’d be willing to travel.

One quirky habit or superstition you have
My obsession with the number three, six, nine, and all its multiples.

The most difficult instrument to master
The violin, till I got myself an accordion. I still can’t play it decently enough.

The strangest instrument you’ve played
I’ve tried a lot of folk instruments which are beautiful; the strangest however, would be any untuned instrument.

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