Resources for students interested in sports that are not cricket


Cricket is our unofficial national sport and regardless of how the various teams perform, no other sport has ever enjoyed the same type of viewership or patronage as cricket. ( of course this doesn’t include women’s cricket). And although cricket will always be a major part of the culture of our country, there are lots of other athletes that are constantly pushing boundaries trying to represent our country in other sports with just as much dedication and none of the recognition.

Whether it is preparing for competitive sports or even just learning a new sport for leisure, often times students and young children are unsure of how to get started. Here are some options to consider incase you or your kid want to get involved in sports outside of cricket:

  1. Look up local organizations

Almost every neighborhood in Mumbai and other cig cities will have a local clubs and YMCA’s that have a ground or open space. Oftentimes it is possible to get enrolled in classes and training programs being offered at these venues even without membership to the club/YMCA. A great way to meet coaches and fellow enthusiasts, these clubs are often more affordable than most people would expect. Local clubs and YMCA’s are really good options for even younger kids especially for sports like basketball, swimming, and even roller-skating.

  1. Take advantage of the internet

In 2017, the answer to most questions resides online. From watching a winning goal in a match you may have missed to learning how to make that winning goal, there is a YouTube tutorial for almost anything. For more real life experiences, a variety of apps can help customers connect with coaches and venues to find the class or program they are looking for. Whether it is finding someone to play a game of tennis with or an empty studio for a yoga class, these apps can help find just what you are looking for and are also free to download. Uactiv, Athletto,  and Spyn are examples of apps designed to fulfill fitness and sports related needs.

  1. Schools and colleges

Most schools and colleges will have playgrounds and spaces to play and practice many sports. Oftentimes these resources are made available to non-students as well on weekends and during summer/winter breaks. A little curiosity and research can open doors for you in your own Neighborhood College or school, and you don’t even need to study there to avail the benefits.

  1. Your neighborhood

Gully cricket is such a big part of our lifestyle and cityscape that it has become a subgenre of the sport itself. Although not all sports can be played in the by lanes of your neighborhood (definitely wouldn’t recommend this for javelin throw or shot put) sports like badminton and even table tennis can be played in smaller, less obvious spaces prior to being pursued in a more formal setting.

  1. Specialized programs

Organizations dotted all over the city work to train budding athletes in various sports and can be great first steps towards pursuing a career in that space. PIFA and KOOH for football and Mahesh Bhupati’s tennis academy are examples of institutes that are exceptional resources for interested students to consider.



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