Ren by China Garden, Mumbai – Rs. 1500 per person


VIBE: This lounge promises to lift your spirits with a beautiful decor, peppy music, delicious food and a 30-feet long bar. A set of colour-changing wall panels inscribed with Chinese letters, an all-black ceiling and walls and stainless steel sculptural pillars give it a sophisticated and stylish look. You’ll see a mix bunch of people enjoying themselves at this lounge. However, the mood of this place becomes enigmatic and upbeat only late at night.
MUSIC: People are grooving to the club hits by Guetta, Rihanna and Chris Brown. Bollywood hits also follow the queue.
BITES ‘N’ BOOZE: Ren offers a large variety of vegetarian as well as non vegetarian dishes. The layout of the menu and the presentation of the food is very impressive. The drinks menu too includes some unknown cocktails. The drinks are expertly mixed and the lipsmacking starters are definitely a big draw. Black olive prawns, Gin chicken, Kung Pao Potato and Peppen Soba are some very good options available. Pina Colada is definitely a must-have here.
BUCKS TO SHELL: An average meal for two would cost around Rs. 3000. However, one can’t complain as good things don’t come cheap.
FAB OR DRAB: After a hard day’s work, Ren is the place to be. It’s refreshing and a fun place to hang-out with your friends. Ren is definitely not worth a miss.
BEST NIGHT: Wednesday YOLO (You Live Only Once) Nights. 2nd Floor, Gabbana House, 15th Road, Khar, Mumbai.
-Ritwik Ahuja


Volume 2 Issue 6


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