Hip-Hop Goes Local – The Biggest Underground Hip-Hop Concert

Hip-Hop goes local Rawdust

It’s been above a week since RAWDUST and Apollo Live Entertainment put out the biggest underground Hip Hop concert in the city – Hip Hop Goes Local and the internet seems to keep talking about it. 

The night was filled with some of the greatest names in the Mumbai Hip Hop wave, including D-Cypher & BeatRAW, DEE MC, Dharavi United which comprises of 7Bantai’Z, Dopeadelicz & MC Altaf, Spitfire and KAAM BHAARI. The performances were entertaining enough to get all the attendees in the groove. From DEE MC performing her album with MC Altaf to D-Cypher & BeatRAW performing ‘Asli Hip Hop’ from the movie Gully Boy; from Dharavi United putting up the most energetic gig to Kaam Bhaari ending his set with ‘Kaam Bhaari’ from Gully Boy, each one of the audience was caught up in the vibe. The party was so hyped, even D’Evil from Gully Gang dropped in as a guest.

Post-party, the Hip Hop fanatics spent their time mostly trying to get pictures and network with the talented artists and talking to each other about how amazing the concert was.

“One of the best nights”, said one person.

And after attending that night, there’s one common thing that everyone said, “HIP-HOP GOES LOCAL gave us a night that we wouldn’t forget.”

As you read this, people at RAWDUST are working on their next big project in hip-hop. Go check out @rawdustdigital and give them a follow to be connected to the Hip-Hop culture in Mumbai and to stay updated about many more events to come.


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