Pros And Cons Of Studying Abroad


Having an opportunity to study abroad is a big advantage that one gains through college and universities. It is said that studying abroad is an experience you’ll never forget. By the thought of going abroad many questions arise like, how will I manage alone? How will I understand the language, culture etc. pops up in the mind? There are many people around you may suggest whether you should go or not go by their experiences. There also experienced counsellors who advise the students based on several factors. Here are few pros and cons of going abroad for studying by which we can help you to decide too….



This pretty obvious reason of learning a new language is one of the best part of studying abroad. People are always impressed by the ones who speak multiple languages. By knowing the language, you even connect to the local people of that place. A new language is one useful skill one can poses and always help at some point in life.


Studying abroad gives you a chance to explore a new culture, ways and ideas. You can experience a total new way of living from food, music, art, festivals to much more. It will expand and increase the knowledge about the place people as well the history.Additionally, since there will be many international students it gives one a global perspective.

Better Job Opportunities

One of the major reasons why parents wish their children to study abroad is because of the quality of higher education which includes the campus, faculty, internships and a lost more. Students who study in abroad have better job opportunities and higher job roles in their hometown due to the exposure they have received.

Developing Independent Lifestyle

Studying abroad provides a self-sufficient attitude and also helps the student to develop an independent lifestyle. For example, when a student gets educated in their hometown they do not get a chance to understand how to live a life independently and also dependent in their circle. In this way, studying in abroad will help them know to adopt and live independently. The value of money, love of family and other life skills are learned by staying away and alone which help shape your character.



Being away from your friends and family will always give one a tough time. Introverts would take some to open up to people.

This makes them feel isolated and which also deteriorate his/her performance. It also causes home sickness in a new environment. One has to put themselves out and enjoy with all to fight the loneliness.


If this trip of yours is planned from a long time with proper planning and savings then one can relax, but if not then the expenses would shake the budget of the student. Accommodation, food, travel etc would cost a lot if not well planned. At times students get influenced by a higher lifestyle and end up spending a lot. Friends may want to borrow or you may spend on your boyfriend/girlfriend. This is one major reason students hesitate to take up education in abroad.

Bullying Or Racism

This disadvantage might or might not be very common. But it is still prevailing in many parts of the world. Bullying and racism is still faced by a few students around the world in universities or the place where they stay. As it cannot be taken very light racism attacks have stopped many students from choosing studies abroad.

I hope these points can help you decide whether you should abroad for studies or not. There is no rush, take your time to think, because your ultimate goal is to be satisfied and happy with best decision made.


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