PARALLAX 2022: Annual Intercollegiate Festival Of L.S.Raheja College Of Arts And Commerce


The Sadhana Education Society  L.S.Raheja College of Arts and Commerce is proud to present its annual intercollegiate festival Parallax. The three-day fest is organized by the Self-Financing course students, and led by five Chairpersons from each department. Parallax has been successfully organized each year with the support and guidance of their prestigious Principal Dr. Debajit Sarkar along with our Mentors Heta Parekh, Jyoti Sarkar, Raju Gole and Upmanyu Yagnik. 

This year, Parallax will be conducted through digital platforms which will be attended by colleges across Mumbai. In light of which we unveiled our theme “The Legend of Rebels” where we take a moment to shift from glorifying the heroes and instead understand the rebels and their cause. This unique theme has intrigued many and succeeded to set forth the unexpected. 

Parallax provides a platform for the youth to forestage their talent and socialize among their peers. Each year we conduct events that cover a broad spectrum of academic, performing arts, and management. Including topics on business, marketing, finance as well as fashion, music and more. Students participate in these astonishing events according to their expertise in various fields. The festival is organized in such a manner that has a competitive yet supportive atmosphere. 

Vrukshit: A Plantation Drive 

Along with the fest, a significant social initiative was taken by Team Parallax. More than 30 saplings were planted on the college campus and around the neighborhood. Each student is inspired to promote this plantation drive within their home and surroundings. In belief that ‘he who plants a tree, plants a hope.’ With frequent awareness camps as such they have accomplished a lot through Vrukshit. Team Parallax wishes to be a part of such endeavors this year as well. Amidst the current pandemic situation, they look forward to playing a vital role in our environment. 


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