No Grace Marks For CBSE students


In a stringent decision taken by the highest level of the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education’s) planning board, the policy to scrap off the grace marks has been opined.

The decision to introduce the grace marks system was with an initiative that resulted into inflated scoring. The students eligible for the grace marks were seemingly passing their years, without being capable of. This caused them a tough crack in the promoted academic year.

The unilateral decision to scrap the grace mark policy, is about to put the students at a confused state, as of the admissions to the next faculty is considered. The students will hence have to work their level to cope up with the surging cut-offs.

As per our sources, the Delhi University Officials feel, “This could lead to slight dip in cut-off but it is difficult to quantify. Also, CBSE is not the only Board as we have many students from state Boards who apply to DU”

The decision was a resulted idea of the CBSE board, to approach the Human Research Development Ministry for a consensus over the cause of the inflated scores being the moderation policy. Under the moderation policy the students becomes entitled to get a help of 15% extra marks, if he/she cannot cope up with the passing line.

The removal of this policy will definitely make the students more hardworking and alert towards the importance of education, however it will be a nightmare for the genuine cases of disability and needing students. Whatever may happen, hope it sets going the nation’s education system in boat, that would never sink.


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