Must-ask Questions Before Hiring A Marketing Agency For Your Business

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If you want to expand your business, you’ll certainly want more people to share your workload. The best way to do this is to hire a marketing agency. Let your in-house team focus on your regular work and the extra be handled by the agency.

In case, you already have an agency but aren’t satisfied with their work, then there will be a need to hire a new agency. To not land into dissatisfaction again, you need to be extremely careful while selecting the correct marketing agency for you.

You can ask them a few questions to predict if the agency is a fit for you.

1. Ask about their previous clients

It’s important to know about their previous works. Ask for their portfolio. Check the clients they have worked with previously. Notice if they’re working actively in the B2B zone or B2C zone.

Every marketing agency will have a particular niche that they’ll be comfortable with. Ask them about their specialty or niche. Even if they say they’re comfortable with all projects, you must seek the playground where they can guarantee win. 

You can dig in with a few case studies with previous clients to see if the agency can actually give you the results. You wouldn’t want to invest somewhere where they have no clue about your business line. It’s good to ask if they have worked for clients from your field before. If yes, they already are thorough with your business and will consume less time to generate leads.

2. Ask about their team

Before handing your business to a marketing agency, it is important to know if they have an in-house team or the work is outsourced to freelancers.

It’s not wrong to outsource work, but it’s always good to know if the company has a well-trained and sufficient team to handle your work. If it is run by only three or four staff members and the remaining work is outsourced, the quality of the work may degrade since there is no cohesiveness.

In case you need edits after the task is done, the in-house team has to do it but if the work is outsourced, there are possibilities that you might have to suffer once they have received their payment.

3. Ask about their work approach

Every agency follows a different approach. Now, before hiring an agency, you’ll surely want to meet some of their employees to know about their work culture. 

Marketing is a long and tedious task that will take approximately 6-8 months at least to show the results. For such a long time, you’ll prefer working with individuals who can suit your company’s ethics and the environment too.

In some agencies, the art director works directly with you in the project. Whereas some companies offer a project manager to you who keeps you updated and deals with you. You can also seek some previous work of the people who will be working on your project.

4. Ask about their expectations from you

The digital marketing agency in India can work as an all-rounder for you. But as a client, they also have certain expectations from you. 

It is good to clarify how many times you have to meet in a month. Will there be online meetings? Is there any particular time that you have to be free for them? How quickly do you need to respond to them? Will they need your help in deciding and approving the patterns?

If you’re not available, you can either leave it up to the agency or hand this work to someone in your department who you can rely upon for communication with the audience.

5. Ask about the number of edits permitted

According to HubSpot 2020, 70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing. The content prepared by the agencies needs to be approved by the clients. Hence, it is always beneficial to enquire about the number of revisions and edits they permit in your package. Agencies charge an additional amount for extra revisions.

By asking these questions, you’ll realize the potential of the agency and if it fits your needs. Always opt for an all-rounder agency to bring great value to your business and faster lead generation.


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