India UK & Northern Ireland Sign MoU On Mutual Recognition Of Academic Qualifications

Image Credits: PM India

Recently, the Union Cabinet of the Indian government granted ex post facto approval to a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The MoU was signed between India and the government of the UK and Northern Ireland earlier this year on mutual recognition of academic qualifications.  

This was done to promote academic collaboration and student mobility among the signatories. 

A statement to the press mentioned, “The MoU aims to facilitate the mutual recognition of educational qualifications, periods of study undertaken, documents related to academic degrees/qualifications and accreditation by educational institutions within the two countries. Professional degrees like Engineering, Medicine, Nursing and Para-Medical Education, Pharmacy, Law, and Architecture are out of the purview of this MoU. It will also facilitate the establishment of Joint/Dual degree courses between Higher Education Institutions, one of our objectives under NEP 2020 for the Intel-nationalization of Education.”

The signed MoU seeks to bring about a bilateral exchange of information concerning the educational structure, programs and standards and increase the mobility of students and professionals between the two countries. It also aims at encouraging cooperation in the education sector, and the creation of newer study programs as mutually agreed upon by the signatories.

The signed document also endorses providing equivalence in terms of parity with regard to the acceptability of qualifications as approved under the national policy, law, rules and regulations of the two countries.

The Union Cabinet also granted approval for a similar kind of MoU with regard to cooperation in the field of education between India and UAE. This signed MoU also aims to further strengthen educational collaborations between the two countries and expand the scope of engagement between India and UAE.

This news report is drafted with the help of inputs from ANI News Service 


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