Mosaic 2019: A Story to Remember

Mosaic 2019

The Andrean inter-collegiate and inter-cultural fest Mosaic 2019: Tell you Story ended on 19 September 2019 and it was all that it was expected to be and more. With a theme that encompassed and focused on the issues of modern day society and a team of dedicated volunteers and a steadfast group of the organisational committee, it wasn’t a surprise when Mosaic 2019 blew every prospect out of the water.

With the four-day fest finally ending, there are many good things to remember about it. The way the St. Andrew’s Auditorium erupted in cheers and shouts, encouraging the participants. The many slogans and chants that the different contingents sang to give their team the boost they needed. The buzz all around the college that made it feel like a second home, and finally the unity that was evidently present around the Andrean campus, be it between the volunteers, the department heads, the core team or the participants is an accurate representation of what Mosaic is and what mosaic will be; a combination of all that is good.

Mosaic 2019
Mosaic 2019

Mosaic 2019 has been in construction for the past eight months. The different departments that worked day and night to make the fest what it truly was. 

Mosaic 2019, apart from being a fest that depicted unity, is also a precise depiction of Andrean spirit. The dedication that Andreans show in everything that they do and the levels of success they have reached when most of the esteemed and highly qualified judges were Ex-Andreans, who spoke about their time at St. Andrew’s College, how it changed their lives and pushed them to be what they are today.

Mosaic was indeed loved and enjoyed by all, as was said by many participants, volunteers and viewers;

“Best Experience of my degree college” – Volunteer.

“Very well managed, I had a lot of fun” – Viewer.

“Definitely looking forward to next year” – Participant.

There comes a time once a year where every student is given an opportunity to showcase their talents on an unbiased platform and this year it was Mosaic 2019: Tell Your Story. Mosaic 2019 touched the lives of many. It brought people closer; it became a second family.  Nevertheless, like all good things, Mosaic too came to a glorious end and we can only imagine and look forward to what next year will hold.


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