Rajasthan’s 21 Year Old Mayank Pratap Singh To Become Country’s Youngest Judge

Mayank Pratap Singh
Image Credits: Athavan News

Though there are many sayings which sound too cliche to our ears, when someone does something absolutely applauding, such saying suit the happening. The same goes for Rajasthan’s 21-year-old lad, Mayank Pratap Singh who couldn’t prove the saying “where there is a will there’s a way” more accurately. 

Mayank Pratap Singh is all set to become the country’s youngest judge. He recently cracked and topped the Rajasthan Judicial Services (RJS) at the age of just 21 years. In his this exam he scored 169 out of 300 and scored 28 out of 35 in his interview round. 

Mayank Pratap Singh
Image Credits: India Times

Hailing originally from Rajasthan, Mayank Pratap Singh passed his high school in the science field and studied Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. After completing his high school, Mayank then went on to pursue LLB (Bachelor of Law) degree. 

When speaking with The Indian Express, Mayank Pratap Singh mentioned that even though his relatives insisted him to appear for JEE exams, he went ahead to pursue higher studies in law. He states that the exam preparation time was difficult since he also had to complete his graduation around the same time. He used to wake up early in the morning to study before starting his day with other work. He made sure he at least dedicated 10 hours of his day in studying for his exam. After appearing for his examination, he was confident he had done well but hadn’t expected to crack it. 

He further added that he is the first one in the family to pursue the profession of law and credited his success to his parents who provided him immense support. Both being in the teaching field, always gave Mayank wings to fly and did not force their decisions upon him. He completed his LLB degree from the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. 

During his interview which was conducted by a panel that included High Court judges and field experts, he was asked about  Sabarimala and Ayodhya verdicts of the Supreme Court. Since his interview was right one day after the Ayodhya verdict, he was able to answer the questions well as he had followed the event. 

As a piece of friendly advice to the youth, he told the Indian Express that smart young people must try to avoid things that keep them distracted and channel all their focus towards accomplishing their goals and dreams. It would be interesting enough to know that Mayank Pratap Singh is someone who doesn’t use social media at all in the current day and age whereas other youngsters are glued to their phones throughout the day.  


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