MAXX Scope MT150 (Rs – 3,732)



With the entire world completely obsessed over all things touch, here comes yet another gadget, albeit one with a highly aff ordable price tag, to join the touch screen league. The dual SIM option allows you to do away with the burden of carrying an extra phone, while the smooth web browsing feature makes logging on to Facebook and Twitter a breeze! Plus, the 2.8-inch touch screen makes for an easy browsing experience too, while the 1.3 megapixel camera offers  decent image clarity. In the looks department (and this is a major factor for touch screen lovers), the Scope MT150 phone is sleek and is available in black. A 2GB memory card, Yahoo messenger and tons of videos, music and multimedia content are the phone’s accompanying goodies. Touching isn’t it!

Volume 1 Issue 4


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