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I strongly believe that miracles do happen because my birth itself was a miracle for my mother’s gynaecologist and for my parents. I was unlucky as I couldn’t get my mother’s first warm touch as I was immediately kept in the incubator for a month due to my premature birth. It was not my luck to be bundled in woollen clothes; instead, I was tangled in a web of tubes providing blood, oxygen and saline under the morose blue light of the incubator. But I finally managed, not only to survive, but to make it to the minimum weight I should have been at.

My mother recounted a very interesting incident about myself when I was a year old. I used to always cry while bathing. One day, while my mother was bathing me, I started to cry as usual. She immediately started humming melodiously the musical notes of sa re ga ma pa. As if by magic, I stopped crying! It was at that time that she figured that her musical genes might have passed on to me. Since then, I have come to realise that music could be an umbilical connection that my mother and I share. I was fortunate to have my mother as my guru in music. I started learning music with her when I was three and thus began my musical journey. Participation in various competitions followed, and with that, I emerged as a winner in many state and national level events. At this point, I was introduced to participating in live shows with her, and that exposure  worked well to strengthen my bonds with music. One of the most memorable concerts I did was when I performed with my mother in Nashik. We sang Raag Madhuvanti, which is a raga based on the foundation, eternity and colours of love. It is a very sweet raga with a very simple  philosophy of love and romance. It was a very proud moment for me, since several music aficinados complimented me that I sing exactly like my mother. It is often said that the universe conspires to give you something you really want. I distinctly remember an incident which made this thought true in my life. I was a participant at the Nrityanjali Fest – a competition for Indian classical and semi-classical vocals. Unfortunately, I was running a high fever and coughing continuously on the day of the competition. Needless to say, there was little way out. I, however, did not want to give up till I had done everything in my power to sing at the competition. I went to the venue, determined to pull it off. My aunt had given me reiki through distant healing. I truly believe that due to the healing, I didn’t get a single bout of cough during my performance. And what’s more, I actually won the competition! By the time I was in class six, I had gone through several varied experiences in music. In class six, I got lucky and with God’s grace, I met my second guru, Pandit Chandrakant Limaye, who helped me to continue my journey in pure classical music. Under his guidance, I performed at various well-known concerts like Hori Ke Rang and Savan Ke Rang.

During my school days, you could say I was an ordinary student academically, but I was heavily involved in extra-curricular activities. It was around class nine or perhaps class ten, when everyone started thinking of their future course in their studies, that I realised that mathematics as a subject was just not my cup of tea. Thus, I did not want to associate myself to any fi eld that even remotely had its basis in mathematics.

I decided to gain some leverage out of my interest in the arts and to take a sip of an artistic cup of tea; I therefore took up that stream for junior college. Nonetheless, I was pointedly thinking of academics and decided to try my luck at the Indian Administrative Services (IAS) examination under my father’s  guidance and tutelage. Fortunately, around the same time, I cleared the class 12 board examinations with fl ying colours and got admitted into Ramanarain Ruia College to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in mass media. As I was passionate about learning new languages, I started learning German and successfully completed the two levels. I am currently doing my Visharad in music along with a two-year diploma in Natyasangeet.

Initially, it was tough for me to manage academics, music, German classes and my preparation for the IAS simultaneously; especially when I compared my life to my friends’ since they were enjoying while I was busy holed up in my room studying all the time! Gradually, with everything progressing smoothly, I came to realise that it was a choice I made and I felt satisfi ed sticking to it. The dream of a successful future made it easier to make compromises. It was during this phase when I got involved with the Art of Living Foundation and started volunteering for it. As part of the organisation, I went to teach children in the Gasdarban slums in Mumbai. It was an experience that moved me a lot. However, not all my experiences have been so intense. I love adventurous sports and have tried zorbing, water zorbing, river rafting, valley crossing and paragliding. Now, I aspire to become a successful crime and war journalist along with being a renowned classical singer. I want Indian classical music to reach every individual. I look forward to setting new standards for all the Indian arts, especially music. I have a lot of patience which I have got from my father, and therefore, I am very sure that I will reach my destination one day and serve my country by  becoming a successful journalist and a responsible IAS officer.

Most importantly, I want my parents to be proud of me. I want to take care of them as well as cater to the needs of my sweet little angel: my little sister. I want to live my life to the fullest by exploring the world of my dreams and converting these dreams into reality, because life is all about transforming your dreams into reality.

Volume 1 Issue 8


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