Laham, Chennai – Rs. 300 per person


hariyali_kebab1If you’re looking for a quick and satisfying meal, Laham is the place to be when in Chennai.
CUISINE: Arabian, North Indian
FOOD AND DRINK: Translating to meat in Arabic, Laham boasts of a menu that predominately serves non-vegetarian preparations. However, if a vegetarian happens to be stuck among die-hard non vegetarians, the Paneer Tikka and North Indian roti-sabjee are safe bets. The Laham Special Barbeque Chicken and the Tandoori Platter are both surprisingly delicious and not like the regular Arabic fare usually found. For main course, Mutton Masala or Chicken Masala coupled with varieties of rotis and naans to choose from is scrumptious.
Laham has a totally different section for deserts and refreshments, named TasTea (tasty). Try the Shibuya Toast, which is bread toasted with honey and served with whipped cream and ice-cream. The Litchi Bubble Tea and Coffee Ice-cream are also worth a try.
OVERALL: With TasTea providing a perfect companion to the worthwhile spice laden platter, Laham can be visited for casual evenings out or when you’re too bored to cook.
3, Balfour Road,Kelleys, Kilpauk, Chennai – Nirva Vira


Volume 3 Issue 11


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