Kim K-Dash and Her Starry Sparkler


After spending a staggering $2 million on a wedding so lavish that one would perhaps think it would land the couple in eternal-wedded bliss, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are far from enjoying any form of betrothed bliss. Within just 72 days, Kim is said to have filed for a divorce from the basket ball star claiming that their marriage failed to work out. Now, all that’s in the news is Kim’s $2 million engagement ring, which was included in Kim’s pre-nup that requires her to buy the ring back from Kris for its original price if the two were to divorce. However, Kim’s mother thinks that the ring should stay with Kim as according to her, a gift is a gift! Let’s wait and see whether Kim will return the diamond ring or not!

Volume 1 Issue 6


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