Indian Army Spots Yeti Footprints. Do They Really Exist?

Yeti footprints found in himalayas
Image Credits: Daily Express

For all those who don’t know what Yeti is, it is a furry snow creature equal to the size of a bear. The Indian army’s Mountaineering Expedition Team, on Monday, spotted footprints measuring 32X15 inches or 81X38 cm in the Himalayan ranges, indicating that they belonged to Yeti. Sources state that the creature was sighted in the Makalu Base Camp on 9th April 2019. The Indian army also shared images of the footprints on their official twitter handle as proof.

There were many tourists and travellers, who were determined to search for this creature after they discovered its stories. In the early 20th century, numerous visitors spoke about coming across a huge sized hairy creature that walked straight up like humans. Yeti was previously seen in the Makalu-Barun National Park.

The Yetis are believed to live in snow-clad regions of Himalayas, Siberia, Central and East Asia. Yeti has till now appeared in folktales more than in reality. These folktales are most popular in Nepal and project a picture of Yeti being a snow beast that roams in the Himalayan ranges, with a large stone weapon. It is said that it makes whistling sounds while walking and is of an abnormally larger size. The creature is also referred to with different names in different regions. Those living in the Himalayan region refer to the beast as Yeti or Meh-The. In Tibet, Yeti is called “Miche” which means a ‘man bear’. Some other common names are Mirka, Bun manchi, Kang Admi, Migoi.

The ‘snow-man bear’ was first said to be discovered in 1920 by a British explorer who too spotted footprints in the Lhakpa La of Tibet. It was he who first coined the term ‘Yeti’.

The debate on the creature’s existence has been going on for years. The existence of this creature has earlier been debunked by the scientists stating that it is only a mythical character and does not exist in reality. Though many claims to have seen the creature, there isn’t enough evidence to prove the same.

However, considering that, there exist animals like bears, elephants and other giant animals, the existence of Yetis cannot be completely denied. Moreover, the Himalayas is a really wide place, hence it shouldn’t be difficult to believe that they might exist.


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