Incandesence The Socio-Cultural Festival Of NIT Silchar

Incandesence 2020

Incandesence is the socio-cultural festival of National Institute of Technology Silchar. Incandesence is here to explore the oceans of creativity and genius hiding in the young minds of our country. It has a range of events that will unfold and enhance their hidden intelligence. Events like Deprador, Razzmatazz, Sokratik, Kavi Sammelan are there to make one go beyond one’s limits to explore the artist, orator, debater and the dancers among you. Also as we are the generation when the world is going a series of ups and downs NITS MUN provides the students across different universities to explore world politics and come up with better solutions to the world problems.

Walk-in your style, a style that defines you; as Incandescence brings you: Glitterati the fashion show.  A society without smiles and cheers cannot have a bright future. So laugh your soul out in the ultimate comedy night: Nirvana. Even in the darkest of times music has been the only way we could communicate out feelings to this world. We bring you an opportunity to yell out all those heaps of hidden feelings in the biggest metal fest ever: Thundermarch. Voice your words and let them be heard in the Battle of Bands, Hammer On and the Voice of Incand.  At last, the show stopper of our journey, an event that has seen a plethora of music maestros from around the world: Carpe Diem, is here once again to throw us into an amazement with its breath-taking lineup.

With the deeming glory of gaming in this world, incandescence is in search of the most worthy gamer, who will rule it’s gaming battle: V-Warz. Dance is there to express the strongest yet untold emotions. So express yourself in the dance battle of incandescence: Nataraj. Incandescence has always glorified storytelling. So act out the best story that you think is deserving for the drama contest: Thespian Rhapsody. Here events like Carnival of bites, Prom Night and Paarbon will further lighten up the extraordinary journey of incandescence.

This time, Incandescence has much more things in store for you. Wait for the announcements.


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