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Stock your wardrobe with at least two pairs of basic jeans. Avoid stone-washed, ripped, or baggy styles if you don’t have a basic pair first. Try different tops with the jeans you plan to buy. This gives you an idea of whether your jeans are really versatile. Light blue, dark blue, white, black, dark wash are some basic colours to have.


The first rule of fashion is don’t follow trends blindly; if bright, coloured pants aren’t your style, then don’t buy them. Having said that, after you are settled with a pair of comfortable basic pair jeans, it’s time you invest in a funky pair. Currently, candy-coloured, cropped, and embellished jeans are in trend. Pick your style today!


Size and fit is the first thing you look at while shopping for jeans. Don’t buy jeans that are one size loose because jeans tend to loosen and take the shape of your body over time. Buy the right fit, not too tight. Check the fit on the crotch; a camel toe or odd fit on the crotch can ruin the look. Ankle length styles are very fashionable but are not for short women. They make legs appear stubby and short and the hips wider. Never fold your jeans in; alter them at the store or a local tailor to your length.

Body Shapes

Big hips, narrow waist, upper body is very small, lower body is large

  • Flared bottoms make your hips look narrow and balances your body.
  •  Avoid baggy, drop crotch, or pleated denims that add weight around the hip areas
  •  Bling or any sort of embellishment onthe front and back pockets will only draw attention to problem areas.
  • Don’t wear tank tops, spaghettis, or tight t-shirts. This will only make your lower bodylook hugely disproportionate. Wear short sleeved shirts and  one-shoulder or ruffled blouses and tops instead.

Narrow hips, thick waist. Upper body is bigger than the lower body

  • Cover the tummy fat with high-waisted jeans that rest just above the navel. An extrawide waistband helps control the tummy fat.
  •  Low-rise jeans define and narrow your hips but make sure your love handles are not popping out! Pleated, baggy, and boyfriend jeans are perfect for you.
  •  Embellished pockets can also give the appearance of a wider waist if you want to stick to high waist styles.
  • The t-shirt and jeans combination is not for you. Wear blouses and tunic-style tops.

Overall skinny body with no real definition for the waist

  • Tie styles on the waist and belted jeans are great for you.
  • Harem styles, drop crotch styles, or Jodhpuris; you can experiment with them all.
  • Use voluminous materials on the top: sequins, tops with a shine, crepes, silks and satins.
  • Flowing long tunics with a thin belt on the waist, wrap blouses, and shirts are great for your body type.

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