IIT Kharagpur to start classes on Vastu Shastra

IIT Kharagpur

IIT Kharagpur to start classes on Vastu Shastra for architecture students from August

The country’s oldest IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) is reportedly introducing Vastu Shastra classes for its architecture students.

While undergraduate students at IIT Kharagpur will be introduced to the basics of Vastu Shastra, for post-graduate and research scholars the study will be more detailed, reports The Times of India.

Vastu Shastra classes will be introduced from August. According to The Times of India report, faculty members at IIT Kharagpur believe that students, who have so far been taught architectural concepts prevalent in the West, should also learn about ancient Indian architectural traditions.

Ancient Indian concepts have a scientific basis and introducing students to these will open up new avenues, says The Times of India report quoting the IIT Kharagpur faculty.

Vastu Shastra will be introduced to architecture students from the next academic session. It will be introduced to undergraduate students as part of courses on basic design and history of architecture.

According to the Times of India report, at the post-graduate level, concepts of social principles, nine-circuit placements, sacred altars and design semiotics and semantics will be taught to students.

Assignments, projects and tests on Vastu Shastra too will be a part of the curriculum. “Vastu Shastra has its beginnings in Rig Veda and is scientific in its tenor,” Joy Sen, a faculty member of the architecture department at IIT Kharagpur was quoted by The Times of India.


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