Idealism- the best career in the world


Yaron Barzilay, the National Director of New Acropolis Cultural Organization suggests that the best career opportunity might be : to be an Idealist. Being an idealist doesn’t come easy, it necessitates the pursuit of an ideal, which exists beyond all monetary gains and interests. Idealism resonates with service to the world’s real needs, much akin to Gandhi’s adage “Be the change you wish to see”. Although an ideal is a way of life itself, one that has to be upheld at all times and one that is not malleable in accordance with one’s perception. An ideal is something that needs to pursued with determination and yet be cherished, all at the same time.An idealist is required,always,to act with intelligence and knowledge, he must not only demonstrate what is wrong but also guide towards the right path.The true pursuit of an ideal is the consommation of the mind, the heart and the hands. The path of an idealist is laden with multiple hindrances at regular intervals of time- he/she must welcome change as it comes by and accept it just the same. Yaron equates the building of a monument, temples, the many works of art and literature and also the ideas in service of mankind one of the many ways where a dedicated life can make one an idealist.


Idealism may not be attainable by everyone but it does encourage everyone to dedicate themselves in the betterment of the world.


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