How to Wear Colour


Wearing colour can do wonders for your skin tone, hair colour, overall appearance and more importantly, for the way you feel. . Learn how to use colour intelligently in your clothing to make a fashion statement!

Here are 7 easy ways to wear colour:

  1. Find a new neutral: Black is great as a sophisticated base to any outfit but you can’t take refuge in it. Find a new neutral, like gray, brown or navy blue.
  2. Colourful accessories: Wear a pair of bright yellow ballerinas with a black and white outfi t, a red belt over a black dress, a cerulean scarf with your favourite neutral jacket, or colourful tights. Accessories are a cheap and easy way to add some excitement to an otherwise dull and boring outfit. Guys can think of wearing a bright tie to brighten up a boring office look.
  3. Carry a bright handbag: The trick to picking the right handbag is to make sure that it meshes with the rest of your wardrobe. If you have lots of cool colours in your wardrobe, then pick a blue bag. If your wardrobe has warm tones like brown and orange, then pick a yellow bag.
  4. Pick a neon shoe: Th e great thing about bright shoes is that they have the power to jazz up the most boring outfit. Try neon green, pink, red, yellow- the options are endless!
  5. The multi-coloured dress: If you can’t be asked to trouble your head over  matching colours, wear a multi-coloured dress. It will add that  much-needed colour to your life.
  6. Colourful jewellery: Paired with a neutral outfi t, colourful jewellery can make a bold statement. Sport a bright cocktail ring, emerald earrings, a turquoise bracelet, or yellow hoops. You can even go dressy with a black cocktail dress!
  7. A colourful top with denims: One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to wear colour is to wear a bright coloured top over your skinny jeans — hot pink, yellow, green— pick your colour in a cool silhouette and prepare to stand out!

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