How to Choose the Homecoming Dress of Your Dreams

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So, you have decided that you are going to attend your school’s Homecoming reunion this year, but have you decided on that all-important dress yet? In case you have not given it much attention, then you really should because it does matter. In spite of seeming superficial, we are constantly judged by society on how we dress and if you are actually going to attend the Homecoming event, it doesn’t get much social than that! Therefore, to help you find a dress that would work towards highlighting your best features, read on as we discuss exactly how to do that. Therefore, to help you find a dress that would work towards highlighting your best features, read on as we discuss exactly how to do that.

Knee-Length is the Only Length

Unlike Prom Night, you can’t just go to Homecoming in a full gown. Of course, you can wear a gown if you think you can pull it off, but it makes more sense to stick with knee length dresses and skirts, as that’s pretty much the norm. You can choose to buy a dress or a skirt that’s a bit shorter than knee length though.

The Bottom Half Needs to be Free Flowing

When you are going to the Homecoming Dance, you should pick a dress that will allow you to well, dance! Anything too tight near the lower half and it’s a bad idea. Stretchable materials will do just fine but be careful of their length because a skirt or a dress that’s tight, quite short, and stretchable can lead to embarrassing moments on the dance floor. Tulle and ruffle bottoms are good choices, but not the only ones you have in this department.

How Should You Pick the Color?

You can go with whatever color you like, but in line with the fact that Homecomings are held in fall, darker hues in black, blue, and red might be more appropriate. Check out this huge collection of JVN homecoming dresses that come in a wide range of shades, making sure that whether you would like to stand out with a cherry-colored V back, or stay classic and sensual with a black, backless short dress, you have more than enough options in every category. JVN is actually a sub-brand of the famous Jovani fashion house, so if you are looking for the best dresses for Homecoming this season, there is likely no better place to find it than on JVN.

How Important is the Comfort Factor?

It is, by far, the most important one of them all because when you are not comfortable in a dress that you are going to wear at the event, you should never buy it, or if you do, return it as soon as possible. If you are confused though, take note of the following few tips and questions which should clear out the confusion.

  • If you find it hard to breathe in the dress, don’t wear it
  • When you feel quite embarrassed at the prospect of wearing it to the Homecoming, it’s not for you
  • Does the dress stand in contrast to the kind of personality you have?

How About a Preview?

There is no better way to know if the dress will work for you than to get a preview, which is extremely easy in this age of smartphones. Just wear the dress and let someone click a couple of pictures of you in a well-lit area. Take a look at those snaps and you will instantly know how you will end up looking in the Homecoming album.

This preview is actually better than looking at yourself in the mirror or asking others for their opinions, although those are still necessary. Thanks to social media, how you end up looking in photographs makes a big difference nowadays and, therefore, a photo of yourself is definitely the best way to get a preview. Videos are even better but don’t take selfies and make your judgment based on those, as selfie angles do not accurately represent the way you will actually look wearing the dress at the Homecoming.

A Suggestive Guide to Matching Body Types with the Dress

While you may agree or disagree with the suggestions below, know that it is okay either way because you should always wear what you feel comfortable and stylish in.

  • Small Frame – Shorter skirts make your legs look longer and you can actually carry off darker colors and a tighter fit better than most girls.
  • The Apple Shape – A-lines and empire waists work well when you have a little bit of fat in the middle. In general, the upper body should be highlighted with deep cuts to accentuate your bust.
  • The Pear Shape – Highlight the upper body with deep V cuts, wide cuts, and open necks, while providing a little cover to the heavier bottom with an A-line.
  • Hourglass – You can wear anything that highlights your perfect shape; just don’t wear a baggy dress.
  • Slim – If you have a long and thin frame, add a belt to create an illusion of curves and take the attention away from pointy shoulders with asymmetrical cuts.

Once you have selected the dress, it is time to compliment it with accessories as well. Choose them carefully and keep the golden rule of fashion in mind; there should be only one highlighted accessory in each attire.


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