Bosses from Hell!

bad bosses

Experience will show that there are more bad bosses out there than good ones. Minal Patodia explores five classic archetypes of the boss from hell

The Dictator
The Dictator is a complete control freak who needs to be in charge of any decision in the team. He effectually stifles independent thought and action. This is great in situations where the people on the team are not capable of carrying out their responsibilities effectively, but how would you find out otherwise? The Dictator will often ask a question and answer it and provide opinions even in areas where he lacks expertise. The all-pervasive dictator accepts nothing less than a work drone to carry out his orders, so beware of his tyranny!

The Credit Hog
In extreme, the Credit Hog is one of the most annoying archetypes of a boss from hell! When the team puts in their hard work towards a service or product, the Credit Hog will immediately jump in and, without acknowledging the inputs and efforts put in by others claim the work as his own. Instead of motivating employees to work harder and progress to higher levels, the Hog will jealously guard any promotions so he may bask in the limelight.

The DIY (Do-it-Yourself)
The DIY boss is the opposite extreme of the Dictator. This one provides no guidance or support to employees even when approached. The DIY will shrug his shoulders with a couldn’t-care-less attitude and make others entirely responsible for any work that takes place. The DIY boss may be a good one for those with a lot of initiative and drive, but newbie’s should beware! If there are any mistakes that take place due to lack of leadership, well… you’re going to sink! He will point the finger of blame to others and cover up his poor management.

The Megalomaniac
This short-sighted boss will think that his opinions are always right despite any evidence to the contrary. He will often go awry without realising it. As work-slaves, you are compelled to listen to your managers, but when your boss is unreasonable and illogical, you will soon find yourself questioning his every judgement. He is a lousy listener and prefers to hear himself talk extensively on any topic. He also is unable to see perspectives and viewpoints apart from his own.

The Spineless Wimp
One of the most important characteristics of a boss is to be a good leader. The Wimp is unable to take any decisions without prolonged dithering and asking everyone around him what he should do every few minutes. Moreover, the Wimp lacks the courage and self-belief to stand up for himself, and consequently, for his team. The Wimp will never challenge the status quo and is afraid to voice opinions and ideas.
Beware the paralysing effects of working with any of these bosses from hell and make sure you avoid them at all costs! If you know of such people, identifying their key weaknesses will allow you to devise a way to best deal with their ineffectual actions.

Volume 1 Issue 5


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