High Spirits, Pune


It’s the time of the year when maximum buses to Pune are filled with youngsters headed for various degree colleges and institutes in Pune. Mumbai-ites if you tend to miss home staying in Pune, we have a solution to get Mumbai’s nightlife to your doorstep. High Spirits is one of the most student-friendly clubs in Pune. If you feel like a casual night out with your hostel buddies, then head over to Koregaon Park and get ready to get a taste of High Spirits. Couple entry is Rs. 800 and stag entry for girls is about Rs. 600, but sorry guys no stag entry for you! If you are looking for events, then this club is full of them. My personal favorite is ‘bladder burst’ Thursdays; drink all you want till you reach your capacity all for Rs.300 and exit with a sense of pride and an uneasy feeling of wanting to use the washroom. If clubbing isn’t your thing, then they also have a number of live performances over the week. One of the highlights of this place is the music, they have different themes every night ranging from Rock to R&B as well as House and Trance. So no matter what your style is, you are sure to have a good time with a decent student crowd. What are you waiting for? Get your dancing shoes on and head over to High Spirits. 35-A/1, Ghorpadi, North Main Road, After Kalyani Nagar Bridge, Koregaon Park, Pune, 411001
(Rs. 500 per person)

-Disha Seth 


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