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With the summer vacations slowly but surely inching its way to the end, every student is aware of the elephant in the room: classrooms throwing its doors open to the vibrant and dynamic youth of tomorrow. Everyone’s forgotten what it’s like to set an alarm, or to run like the wind to catch that fast local that will ensure your attendance for the day. While there prevails a general gloom among the youth due to reopening of schools and colleges, there also exists an almost tangible excitement in the air that is accompanied by fond memories of hanging out in the college canteen or spending hours working together on a group project that will give you an excuse to go and stay over at a friend’s place. The laughter, the road trips, the anticipation of perhaps a new subject that will pique your interest and build a foundation for a prospective career choice. As for the nervous ones taking their big step into first year of college, it’s a whole new world that is going to change their lives forever. Will they be ragged by their seniors? Welcomed into a clique of their own by like minded peers? Be forced to work with the laziest freeloaders of the class or be gifted with the most efficient bunch of nerds who will offer to do all your work? We ask students from various fields of education about what it’s like for them to start, or go back to, their college routines and what they’re looking forward to with the new academic year just around the corner



Pranika Sarawgi SYBA, Jai Hind College, Mumbai
I am actually excited about going back to college. The reasons: meeting my friends, because everyone is travelling during summer and no one really gets time to meet; the feeling of learning something new, having a routine again, having a place to belong to.

Raashi Sood Second Year, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York
After I got done with junior college I was immensely excited about going to my new university in a foreign country. FIT had been my dream school for as long as I can remember. However, being so far away from home has its own disadvantages and I was more than glad to be back home for three months of summer. However, now that the date for my flight back is coming closer, I dread it very much. I’m so comfortable in my home, with my family and my best friends that going back to the unknown life will be very difficult.


Prithika Lathia Jamnabai Narsee School, Mumbai
I have been in JNS for 12 years of my life and now suddenly that school life is over, and I have to join a new institution, the difficulties of college life are dawning on me. The absolute change in environment, for starters, paired with new teachers who know nothing about me, and to top it all. making new friends, is what I dread the most. I was too content with my life, friends and teachers at my school, I honestly hate changes.

Asim Mehta K.J. Somaya College, Mumbai
Vacations are getting over and meeting some friends after a long time is exciting, but getting back to studies is something that gets a little boring. On a whole, however, getting back to college is fun.

Sushmita Hatte Srishti School of Design, Bengaluru
I absolutely love my vacations. Since I study in a different city than where I come from, I really miss my family. With the hectic schedules of college, I can’t keep going back home. In the holidays, I can spend time with them and eat home cooked food, so I don’t really look forward to going back to the hostel life once summer break is done.

Henil Nirban Lancers Army School, Surat
I was very excited when vacations started, but as days pass the only thing I see myself doing is roaming around with friends, went for a family trip, among other things. But everything reaches a saturation point. I am bored of vacations now. Once college starts, I will get back to my routine, back to the campus, fun with friends during lectures and chilling at our usual hangouts.


Somya 12th Grade, Ryan International School, Noida
Second home? Naah. It’s more like my first home. The place I spend my maximum time scribbling, bunking, dancing and just being me, with no restrictions because that’s what my teachers want to see; my brightest shades. And getting back to school is such a beautiful thing. And this being the last summer holidays of my school life, it all feels so nostalgic. Walking in those tiny little feet holding dad’s hand to walking head held high to the corridors of the high school. Last year of school: all the memories hanging around my head, taking them all inside my heart. Having spent my greatest amount of time in school it feels so sad to know that you’ll never have this life again, the school uniform, cabinet badges, crazy scolding, bunked lessons  and all the fun together. Bittersweet, that’s how I define it. Now, when I know I’m never going to get it all back I feel lost, lost in days when I said school is bad, when I decided to stay back home knowing that I have infinite days there. But now I’m standing here with all of it getting over, my infinite days are getting over, my school life ending. Nostalgia hits me hard and questions me infinite times for not enjoying those moments. But now I regret it all. School is the most amazing time of one’s life, and for one last time, I cannot wait to get back to school.

Zeenat Tinwala Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication (UG), Pune
I actually enjoy going back to the routine. It makes me feel worthwhile. After not doing anything for so long, it feels to good get back to work. Holidays are fun, but I can’t be in that perpetually lazy state for too long.

Siddhant Malegaonkar Recco (640x960)

Siddhant Malegaonkar ILS Law College, Pune
The summer holidays are super fun for me, since I go camping to different places. Once the vacations are over, I dread going back to college again, back to the same old boring routine. There’s no more excitement, no adventure, just the same old classes.

Chirag Gidwani Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication (UG), Pune
Once college starts again, we’re piled on with assignments, reports and exams. It gets really stressful and doesn’t leave time for much else. So even though I do get to see all my friends, I go back rather grudgingly each year.

Mansi Puggal Jamnabai Narsee School, Mumbai
A long vacation replete with lazy moments and lots of travelling has almost come to an end.  Catching up with old friends and meeting all relatives has been accomplished. All the study goals and hopes to cover up backlog of work have come to nothing (as expected). Nevertheless, the enthusiasm and exuberance of the holidays has begun to give way to a feeling of nervousness and anticipatory excitement about the new academic year. There is much conjecture regarding the new teachers which is perfectly balanced by the relief that the support of old friends and classmates provides.
With such mixed feelings, it cannot be exactly said that I dread leaving my cosy, lethargic niche to get back to work. My school is a busy place and trying to harmonise academics with cultural activities is a mammoth task that I personally enjoy. It is true, everyone needs to relax once in a while but it is this break that prepares one to bounce back into action at the first opportunity. After all, the adrenalin that school adventures provide is unparalleled!

Friendship… is not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything. Muhammad Ali Clay


Volume 4 Issue 12


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