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Don’t grieve over a boss from hell; learn to see the good in them. Nirva Vira shows you how

A bad boss is someone we all have encountered in the past, are dealing with now or are yet to encounter. There is no use avoiding them as you will eventually cross paths with them; if not once like chicken pox, intermittently and repeatedly like the flu. However, as frustrating as it may seem, a bad boss is often a curse in disguise. One just has to realise it and use it positively. Here’s helping you do so.

They interfere with unfinished business and then rain criticism like it’s the month of July
An interfering senior can be a real pain especially when they decide to suddenly look at your still-in-progress reports or presentations. While most choose to turn a deaf ear to their unnecessary tirades, you must listen to what they have to say – let go of the superfluous stuff and retain the rest. Even though these tips might have been conveyed to you in the most frustrating of fashion, they will help you better your present and future work.

POINT 2 horrible-bosses-quotes-18They have the most irrational demands
This is something secretaries are most likely to complain about. Outside of a workplace, booking family tickets for a new movie or finding a good tutor for their kids are perfectly rational, but in the four walls of an office, not so much. Yet, you need your job and so you need to fulfill these (irrational) demands. Don’t think of them as tasking and useless, view them as learning opportunities. Fulfilling these demands not only helps you sharpen your communication skills but also trains you to manage crisis situations effectively.

They pile on loads of work on a Saturday!
Hardly uncommon, most bosses are known to burden their juniors with work that requires them to clock extra hours at work. Managing so much work and spending time on it will force you to manage your time at work better and will make you a more efficient and competent employee.

They take credit that is rightly yours
This is one of the most common complaints employees have against their bosses. Although this practice, on the part of bosses, is wrong at so many levels, it does teach you a very important life lesson. With the hurt of watching someone else applaud away what is rightfully ours, you learn to stand up for ourselves and claim your achievements. A person’s social skills is sharpened and they eventually learn to take responsibility for actions, good or bad.

POINT 5They never compliment, only complain
Everyone who has worked at some point will agree to this. It is rare that a boss will whole-heartedly praise you for your work and effort. However, instead of feeling dejected learn to see ungrateful bosses as brilliant motivators. Even when not imparting inspirational speeches, they are motivating you to become better each day. The want of praise and a positive response might just motivate you to put your best foot forward.

They’re impossible to please
One of the most important skills you need to hone in order to find success and happiness in your career is to not take things personally. And who better to teach you that than a boss who constantly picks on you. You might find yourself running to the restroom to calm yourself down the first few times, but over time, you are bound to get used to it. Eventually you will develop a thick skin and learn not to pay heed to unproductive comments and criticism.

POINT 7 davestone,flickrThey’re not as efficient as they should be
Some bosses do not know their work as well as their position demands them to know, and if such a boss commits a blunder, it is okay for the employee to correct him/her. So a bad boss can actually teach you that it is okay to question people in authority and correct them if they are wrong. Quite difficult to practice otherwise, but a bad boss makes it way easier.


They seem blind to personal progress
Crappy bosses are too lazy to take any notice of your progress and will not offer you a promotion or an incentive unless you ask for it. If that isn’t enough, after you have lowered yourself and asked for a raise or a promotion, they will demand you justify your need for it. This again is a life lesson and will help better market yourself while also climbing the corporate ladder.
Although they are not something you would wish upon yourself, if looked at from a different angle, bad bosses can be quite advantageous to your career. At the end of the day, all that matters is how you adjust to changing work scenarios.


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