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Enjoy Updating Your Facebook Page and Tweeting Regularly? Consider an Unconventional Career in Social Media Marketing

Remember the Kony2012 video, which was plastered on everybody’s Facebook wall and retweeted by the minute? The video went viral within the first six days after its launch, reaching 100 million views on both YouTube and Video, all thanks to social media marketing!
Social media marketing refers to the process of generating website traffic or attention for a company through blogs and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Whatever the size of a business, social media marketing is a large enough platform to promote products and services. It enables one to establish new connections, reach out to a large community of users and advertise a business to different demographic profiles. It yields quicker results and larger exposure than traditional marketing methods. It allows you to communicate and interact with people to get their feedback, allowing you to provide better deals than your competitors. The one sure-shot difference bet ween other marketing tools and social media marketing is that it generates hype through word of mouth.
Social media empowers people to share their opinions and experiences about a particular brand. Unlike other industries, it enjoys direct interaction with current and potential consumers and hence has a greater chance of impacting them. Today, virtually everybody is connected to at least one social media site through their computers , tablets, mobile phones, etc. With the amount of social media net working site s and affordability of computers increasing , the demand for social media marketing is skyrocketing. Al most every brand today relies on this tool to raise awareness about their product, pitch their products without indulging in intrusive marketing and gather valuable customer feedback. Social media job listings have increased by 75 per cent from 2010 (according to, with more than 10,00 0 jobs being posted each month.
If you want to consider a career in social media marketing, make sure you have an in-depth understand ing of different media platforms because you need to be equipped to handle Internet tools and technology. Also, since a majority of the communication is text based, good vocabulary and writing skills are important. In addition, you need to have a good knowledge of marketing, organizational as well as networking skills and an understanding of numbers and figures. To enter the field of social media marketing, you can do a course in advertising and specialize in media planning or you can do an MBA and specialise in marketing or media management. A career in this field can earn you any where from Rs. 1,25,000 to Rs 12,35,0 00 depending on the scale of your company and the brand you are marketing.

Course Canvas
• SIMC-Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication
• Social Media Course (SMC) by WATConsult and certified by IAMAI
• MICA (Mudra Institute of Communication)
• Certified Social Media Marketing (SMM) Training Program at Internet and Mobile Research Institute(IMRI)

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