Get Artistic. Paint Your Own T-shirt

paint your own tshirt
Image Credits: istock
T-shirts having cool quotes and one-liners on them are trending these days and doesn’t seem like they will fall out of fashion anytime soon. Retail companies especially those online, are selling such sassy t-shirts at exorbitant prices.

However, if you don’t want to spend your money behind these t-shirts but still want to have them, then DO IT YOURSELF! It is not difficult anymore.

Follow these easy steps and flaunt your look:

1. Write down with a pen or print the quote on a paper. Refer the image as to how to write each alphabet.

2. After you’re done with printing or writing, take a sharp paper knife or blade and start cutting out the outline of each alphabet.

*make sure you save all the inner shapes of alphabets like ‘o’, ‘d’ and so on.
3. Place the paper on the t-shirt and iron it.
4. Place cardboard or a plastic bag inside the t-shirt, pin it with head pins at the side and start painting.
5. Now with the help of a foam brush or a normal painting brush spread the paint generously all over the stencil.
6. After your done painting, let the paint dry completely, and then very slowly and carefully peel off the stencil paper.
7. Remove the plastic/cardboard from the inside, turn the t-shirt and iron it for 5 minutes to make the fabric paint permanent.
The fabric paint is all set and you can stun in your brand new t-shirt 😀



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